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ProNique Healthcare open for patient care

by Wanda Clay

Dr. Timothy Johnson

Insurance and healthcare are currently major concerns for individuals. ProNique Healthcare has opened for business in Skyline Medical Center in order to offer a solution. ProNique Healthcare services have a unique manner of handling the healthcare experience.

“People are being shortchanged on healthcare,” said Dr. Timothy Johnson, president/CEO of ProNique Healthcare. ProNique offers a professional and unique health care experience to patients of all ages, ethnic origins, and all walks-of-life at an extremely affordable price. Whether an individual is insured or if they are ‘homeless,’ they are welcomed and encouraged to visit ProNique for all healthcare needs. Many people who work may be unable to see a doctor for maintenance care. That is why a fee of $25 per visit makes ProNique Healthcare most affordable.

Johnson said that some people might have insurance but find it difficult to obtain services from doctors who will not accept their particular coverage. Thus, there are many people that will use emergency and urgent care facilities to receive treatment that may otherwise be sufficiently performed by a healthcare provider. ProNique offers top service to every patient that enters.

“We want each person to experience quick service and adequate healthcare with the utmost of respect and dignity at all times,” said Johnson. “The homeless are cared for with compassion and dignity because everybody should be afforded healthcare.”

Currently, ProNique operates with two physician’s assistants and one nurse practitioner as a unique type of healthcare program.

“I am glad to be a part of the starting process,” said Shanteala Harris, vice president.

In addition to the healthcare program, Dr. Johnson is also developing a food pantry for individuals who may come in hungry.

For more information regarding the program, call 615-870-1921. ProNique is located inside the Skyline Medical Center, 3443 Dickerson Pike, suite 420. The office hours are 8 am-5 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Appointments are accepted, however walk-ins are welcome.

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