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The Profile of a Junior, Olivia Holt-Hall

by Olivia Holt-Hall

Olivia Holt-Hall

(Editorial Note: The Nashville PRIDE wishes to introduce our two interns from Maplewood High School, Jayla Roberts and Olivia Holt-Hall. They wrote their own introductory profiles written in the third person.)

Olivia Holt-Hall, junior

Olivia Holt-Hall is one of the new high school interns at The Nashville Pride. She is a 16-year-old junior at Maplewood High School in the Business and Consumer Services Academy.

“Maplewood, home of the Mighty Panthers, has been my school of choice for all three years of high school,” said Olivia.

After graduation she plans to attend college. Olivia says she wants to pursue a dual major in business and psychology with a minor in communications. At some point after completing her college education, she plans to attend a “good law school.”

Olivia says she values her spiritual life, music, individuality, writing and service.

“It is my firm belief,” she said “that everyone has a unique talent that no one else can copy. They just need to search and find what they are passionate about.”

She confirms that her passion is mostly music and service. She is passionate about music because music is cultural and helps build character in people, which ultimately helps people in our community.

“I enjoy listening, playing, and writing music,” said Olivia. “Most of her family has a musical side to them.”

Olivia has experience in playing seven different instruments: flute, piano, French horn, drums, bass clarinet, and guitar. She said that the instrument she became “really good” at is flute. She has played the flute since fifth grade.

“I also write many songs, whenever something comes to me or whenever I am in the mood,” she said.

One her songs was a first place winner at the Lad to Leaders Conference in 2009.

In addition to music, she has a passion for service.

“This world is not perfect, so why not try to help make it better,” Olivia said.

Olivia serves in the community as well as at her church. She is a helper with Nashville Inner City Ministries Children’s Program at her church and has served with Hands on Nashville for the last two years. Furthermore, she is a firm believer in random acts of kindness.

She said that she does not believe she would be the person she is now without her mother, “who supports me in everything I do. That is also true of my very close family and friends.”

“I am also thankful to my Aunt Mary, who is the author of three books. My aunt has been a great influence on my interest in writing poetry, beginning at a young age,” Olivia said.

She said she also thanks Ms. T. J. Williams and the wonderful people at The Nashville PRIDE for allowing her to be a part of such a great learning experience.

“I feel both honored and blessed for this internship,” Olivia said. “I plan on giving it my best efforts.”

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