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A new year is upon us

by William T. Robinson, Jr

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William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is hard to believe that we are approaching a new year with possibilities yet to see. I for one am looking forward toward knocking on the door of tomorrow with excitement and unbridled hope. I am looking forward to playing a more active role in helping others and taking advantage of the many talents that have been bestowed upon me. This year has quickly passed making me only open to my immortality and awareness that I am only here on earth for a short time. While I am truly thankful for the countless blessings that have inundated me, I feel a desire to try to repay my omnipotent God by giving more of my time and services to my fellow man.

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot save the world, but I can make a heartfelt difference doing what I can do on an individual basis. To me, this means that I can work harder in my own community helping those in need. For those who feel the same way I feel, let’s direct our energy in helping the young and elderly in our community. The young and the elderly represent two vital components in our communities. We should be the conduits tying them together, making sure we have their backs. The young children represent our future and the elderly, for the most part, represent our past. Both should be given the attention they warrant.

All too often you have elderly people living alone on fixed incomes barely able to make it with bills and daily chores as basic as trying to keep their apartments/homes clean. You find many elderly people who because of health problems are unable to get have things as basic as food and medicine. However, the main thing many elderly people may need is companionship—someone to just listen and talk to them. Many of us know some elderly person who may live alone and would be overjoyed at having someone to visit and talk to them on a daily or weekly basis. We are talking about someone who may not have relatives or friends available to accommodate that need. You can be that God-sent blessing to make a difference in their lives. It doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Another area that cannot go ignored concerns our children who often trail in the educational arena. It is apparent that the public school system is failing our children. We can no longer sit back and take a passive role, waiting for the system to fix the problem. We’ve got to save our children ourselves. If that means personally adopting a child and counseling and tutoring that child, then so be it. We have many, clubs, fraternities, sororities and church groups committed to solving the problem. But we need more soldiers on the battlefield because our children are worth saving. We must remember that children should be nurtured and groomed, and that they learn by example.

So when I think of the up and coming year, I see a lot of work awaiting me. I am hoping this work will be lightened with the help of those who are making New Year resolutions to make a difference in their communities with their time and service. If you have not made a New Year’s resolution, consider investing time in your community.

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