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Swift Tabernacle holds Scholarship Fund Service

by Wanda Clay

Lady Corder Chapman

On February 24th members, family and friends will gather once again, to celebrate the 5th Annual Walter E. Corder Scholarship Fund Service honoring Walter E. Corder.

The service will be held at 4:00 p.m. at Swift Tabernacle, 905 Clay Street.

Many scholarships have been given over the past years to deserving high school graduates from the Metropolitan Public School system.  These WEC Scholarship recipients were found to hold up the high tradition, standards, morale values and spiritual decorum upon which Rev. Walter E. Corder and Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church would insist.

Rev. Corder was the pastor of Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church for 35 years.  “During that time he saw many persons saved and the church experience many blessings from the Lord under his pastorate before his death in 2008,” stated Lady Corder Chapman.

The Reverend Walter Corder was married to Edna Corder and through their union they were the proud parents of eleven children (of which nine survive today).  From their children are many ministers and musicians who are still very closely connected with the church.  “This is a result of sound Biblical principles and love exhibited from Rev. Corder to all the people around him, especially to young folk,” said Corder Chapman.   He also encouraged young people to adopt his favorite bible verse reference, “look toward the hills from whence cometh you help.”

At the scholarship celebration Lady Corder Chapman and Friends will feature a musical/word presentation.  Also on program will be Sandra Dixon-Johnson, soloist, musician; Iris Batey-Andrews, soprano soloist; Ed Sadler, baritone soloist; and a surprise appearance from a new and upcoming creative expression dancer, “Miss Alexis. The narrator of this event will be Evelyn Gordon, president of Unique Concepts, Inc.

There is no fee for attendance.  However, if one desires to make a donation to the scholarship fund, send checks and money orders to Lady Corder Chapman, P.O. Box 40113, Nashville, TN 37204 payable to: Walter E. Corder Scholarship Fund or visit Citizens Bank in the same name.

For more information call Lady Corder Chapman at 615-463-0028.  Swift Tabernacle is located at 905 Clay Street.  The pastor is Rev. Leon Corder, Jr.

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