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“Embracing the Roots of African-American Music” held at Hermitage Library

by PRIDE Newsdesk

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The Hermitage Branch Library celebrated Special Moments in Black History with “Embracing the Roots of African-American Music” on Feb 16, 2013.  The national focus is on the theme: “At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality.”  Minister Lois Brown-Grady, the event sponsor and coordinator, said, “We also marked the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation; and the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, DC, for Jobs and Freedom.  However, on that day “we ‘Embraced the Roots of African-American Music.’

“Over the years we have had the opportunity to embrace the music of some musical giants, covering a diverse range, developed by Black Americans such as Gospel, Jazz, Classical and Soul, which was also the modern genres of African-American Music,” she said to the group present.

Some of the greats celebrated were: Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, James Cleveland, Mahalia Jackson, James Brown, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Billie Hendricks, Marvin Gaye, and Chuck Berry.  “We truly thank God for the contributions that these artist’s has contributed to society.  And, today we are still able to embrace the ‘Roots of African-American Music,’ ” said Grady.

Minister Lois Brown-Grady is the founder of the Prayer, Faith, and Healing Ministry. For more information visit the ministry website: www.ministerloisgrady.com.

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