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Elderly woman targeted in utility scam

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Nashville Electric Service (NES) is warning its customers of fake utility workers who recently targeted an elderly woman and stole items from her home.

Two young men with safety vests approached the women and said they worked for NES. The pair told the customer they were installing new wire underground to improve reliability and prevent power outages. While the customer was led outside to view where digging would take place, the other man gained access to her home and searched her belongings.

Customers should be aware of potential scammers, who frequently target the elderly, and often try to enter a person’s home or ask for payment information.

All NES field employees wear uniforms and carry photo ID badges, and all company vehicles are marked with an NES logo and/or vehicle number. Also, NES never calls or goes door-to-door to solicit payments.

If someone shows up without notice and claims to represent NES, ask to see their photo ID badge.

If you are still in doubt, ask them to wait outside while you call NES Customer Service at 615-736-6900 to verify their identity.

Nashville Electric Service is one of the 12 largest public electric utilities in the nation, distributing energy to more than 360,000 customers in Middle Tennessee. For more information about NES, visit <www.nespower.com>.

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