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Things will work out

by PRIDE Newsdesk

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Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

No matter what our situation or how complicated our life circumstances get, we have the assurance that things will work out. When we meet life’s crises, really difficult stuff, we in our human minds cannot find the answer to the solution. In these times, we need our faith to become active in our lives and give us the hope and the belief that things will work out. Although we cannot figure out the answer in our minds or resolve the problem with our own strength, we can count on God to work things out. While we are trying to figure it out, God has already worked it out.

We all remember when Jacob was on the run from his brother, Esau. Jacob had betrayed his brother, and tricked his father into giving him the family birthright. Jacob fled from the home, attempting to avoid his brother’s wrath. While on the run, Jacob had some life-changing experiences, including two marriages and his own dose of betrayal. Soon, Esau would be on Jacob’s tracks. When Jacob knew that he could not avoid his brother any longer, he prayed to God to work out the situation. Jacob kept sending gifts to his brother to appease his brother’s anger, but what he did not know was that God had already worked out the situation. Esau greeted Jacob with a hug, and asked about his niece and nephews.

But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept. Then Esau looked up and saw the women and children. “Who are these with you?” Like Jacob, we develop our own strategies and plans to figure out certain situations. We think if we do this or do that, we can resolve the problem and meet the challenge. The truth is if we pray, as Jacob did, we really don’t have to do anything else—except what God requires of us. Everything will work out. We cannot get upset with how God works it out. We need to know that how God works things out is for our best and for our good. We may not like it. It may even hurt, but in the end—everything will be all right. Things will work out.

We must not get weary as God works things out. We must wait on God. God has a designated time on the manifestation of resolving issues. While we wait on him to work it out, we must pray for patience and guidance. If we are unwilling to wait, and give up or try to work things out ourselves, we will not see the promise of God coming forth in our lives. We will never see God work out our situation.

Let us be encouraged in our situations, because regardless of how impossible it seems—things will work out. God worked it out on Calvary when he sent Jesus Christ, his only son. God sent Jesus to work out our sinfulness.

God sent Jesus to work out confusion, and bring forth peace, work out hurt and pain, and bring forth healing. As you go through this week, do not forget that things will work out.

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