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Air conditioners, fans for elderly and disabled provided free

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Earlier this week the Metropolitan Action Commission began providing free fans and air conditioners to income eligible senior citizens (62 years or older), disabled or households with children five years old or younger with a severe medical condition.

To qualify under medical necessity, applicants must provide a statement of need from their doctor. The Fan and Air Conditioner Program application period ends August 30.

All applicants must provide proof of income to ensure their household income does not exceed the federal income guideline.

Members in Household Monthly         Annual Income Limit                            Limit

1                                                 $1,396                                          $16,755

2                                                 $1,891                                          $22,695

3                                                 $2,386                                          $28,635

4                                                 $2,881                                          $34,575

5                                                 $3,376                                          $40,515

6                                                 $3,871                                          $46,455

7                                                 $4,366                                          $52,395

8                                                 $4,861                                          $58,335

“Having a program like this allows our agency to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community,” said Marvin D. Cox, community service director.

The program is supported partially from financial contributions and donations of new air conditioning units. Metro Action also receives funds from the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Anyone interested in applying for help or to make a contribution to the Metro Action Commission Fan and Cooling program call 615-862-8860, ext. 70120 or visit the agency’s website at <www.nashville.gov/mac>.

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