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Community–Wide Music Workshop and Praise Service to be held June 8th

by Wanda Clay

Lady Corder Chapman

Lady Corder Chapman

Calling all choir members, soloists, musicians, ministers, deacons, ushers and any one who loves to lift the name of Jesus through music.  Music Ministry will be the highlight of the community-wide music workshop and praise service at St. Eli United Primitive Baptist Church, 850 Bradford Ave.  On June 8th from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.,  Lady Corder Chapman will teach a variety of fundamentals as the St. Eli mass choir invites the community to attend.  Chapman has been a long-time worship leader and will now use the skills learned over the years to be the workshop leader for this event.

Lady Corder said, “This will be a power-filled, exciting, highly spiritual workshop…let’s become some of the best ‘music ministers’ in the Nashville community.”

The workshop will consist of a variety of topics:

Appropriate / inappropriate music; what is worship music; Should choir members be holding children in the choir stand; Wearing jewelry, makeup, short dresses, pants in the choir stand; The importance of singing the right music at the right time; Songs to marcg in on; Staying in church while the pastor preaches; How do you know what tune you sing; How to blend your voice with others; Paying attention to the musician/directors, etc.; Following directions, and much more.

Following the workshop, light refreshments will be served during a special hour of “Meet and Greet.”

This event is free to the public.  However, donations are graciously accepted.

St. Eli United Primitive Baptist Church is located at 850 Bradford Avenue where the pastor is the Elder Michael Williams.

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