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Expressions of faith: Lord, hide me from me

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

In excepting my calling to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I found there were inconsistencies, flaws and failures that were self-inflicted by my past life. Through prayer and consecration, God was able to process me through this pain. I found Psalms 17: 5-8, a psalm of David that gave me a revelation as a Christian relating to my faith in God. In reading this passage, I discovered there are times I am an enemy to myself. But the goodness of Jesus Christ hides me under the shadows of His wings to keep me from aborting the promises of God, which are always with me.

In this narrative David is running from Saul. He prayed for God to show his servant loving kindness, to Lord, hide me from mesave him, to uphold his steps and hide him. He does not make these requests of the Lord because he is concerned about Saul’s potential of harming him. He is concerned with his potential for harming Saul.

If you recall, David takes the garments of Saul as he slept to let Saul know he does have the power, courage and passion to kill him at his own discretion. Just as God covered and protected David, I pray that wherever I preach, the Lord will “hide me from me.” I pray He will cover me for the appropriate amount of time to finish His assessment of me—to process me so His purpose and plan will be worked through me His servant by showering me with all the tools I need to fight this battle to the end.

I pray that the reader of this commentary become spiritually inspired of God. Become an Intercessory Prayer Partner with the Expressions of Faith Ministry by contacting Expressions of Faith at P.O. Box 330127, Nashville, Tenn. 37203; or e-mail <w310watson@aol.com>. (Like me own Facebook). God bless!


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