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The name at the top says it all. This post review can stop right here. ”She was amazing” said a female fan all the way from Alabama. That was just one of many comments swirling up down and around the aisles, during and following Beyonce’s star-studded performance (July 13). The sold out concert surely marked yet another successful date on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour this past Saturday night at the Bridgestone Arena. The packed house seemed to be a variety of ethnicities.

They call her the Queen B of pop. Well, she brings the crowd out as witnesses to her musical and visual extravaganzas. She seems to never disappoint. Other entertainers could use her as a guide or take a lesson. Whether it’s dancing, singing, her interaction with the fans, even her involvement with her own crew; she knocks it out of the park. She even included a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin. This multi-talented artist is one of today’s best, ranking up there as one of the world’s upper echelon entertainers. It seems effortless.

Including various video backdrops and several costume changes, she performed almost every hit, from “Girls Run the World” to “Single Ladies” to “Halo”. She even added a beautiful salute to the late Whitney Houston of “I Will Always Love You”.  Midway during the show, concluding the kneeling and laying atop a black piano performance, Beyonce’, wearing a blue cat suit, bolted. She literally shifted gears as she drew the audience closer after sailing into the air over the main floor, on a swing, to another stage, resembling a catwalk, in the middle of the venue. It has been said that she calls this her “favorite part of the show”, because she can get close or closer with her fans. This segued into an emotional audience sing along, as she closely interacted with her fans; dishing out hugs and giving a few of them the mic during the sing along. “Irreplaceable,” “Love on Top” and her Destiny’s Child classic, “Survivor” were just a few of the hits performed at that time.

The frenzy for this hotly anticipated concert began as early as 6pm. Fans swarmed around inside and out, visiting merchandising booths, taking photos in front of a emblazoned curtain with the singer’s visage or buying posters, t-shirts and concert booklets. This continued well after the show’s conclusion as well.

Beyonce’ undoubtedly delivered a power packed two hours, treating fans to a kaleidoscope of colorful imagery, unimaginable dancing and a boatload of energy throughout. Her all female musicians followed her lead, as well as her female background singers and her female dancers. As a matter of fact, there were only two guys in her crew; the Les Twins.  Laurent and Larry Bourgeois are French dancers, choreographers, and models. They are well known within the entertainment genre.

Luke James opened the evening with a well paced set that warmed up the crowd perfectly, for almost an hour.

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