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Expressions of faith: Trayvon Martin

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

For over a year I watched the George Zimmerman trial unfold, with a verdict of not guilty. This verdict, like many other injustices in the past, brings division within the races of a predominantly Christian society. I was awed by the fact that no one (especially the media) spoke about the permissive will of God and His blessings in this tragedy concerning the Martin and Zimmerman families. White America never views anything as being racist, but African Americans are shaped by this ideology knowing their day-to-day struggles in almost every aspect of life are caused by it. It’s amazing.

As Christians we must believe that God is in control of everything, and our faith assures us there will be blessings, hope, benefits, fairness, results, equality, and justice. God and the spirit of truth exercise both justice and mercy. God punishes sin, but offers mercy to the sinful. God’s justice will never be changed by His mercy. God guarantees justice and despises injustice. Why is justice so important in the Bible? 1) Justice is part of God’s nature. It is the way He runs the universe. 2) When government leaders (and the church) are unjust, the poor and powerless minority suffers. 3) When we do not help the oppressed, we are in fact joining with the oppressor.

The carnal mind, which is enmity against God, will never be able to see God’s blessings from the death of Trayvon Martin. I am reminded of another hero, tennis star Arthur Ashe, who died of AIDS contracted from a blood transfusion during heart surgery. The media was looking for him to become embittered and self-pitying in the face of his tragedy, but he maintained a grateful attitude and begin to talk about his blessings, i.e., his winning the Wimbledon, his marriage to a beautiful gifted woman and their wonderful child. Arthur Ashe’s attitude rebukes those of us who often grumble when things happen differently than what we expect.

Don’t forget the mercies God pour into our lives everyday—simple things like food, shelter, and friends, blessings that many are deprived of. And what about great spiritual blessings? We can hold the very word of God in our hands and read it. When you think about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, think about who’s in control, then your ‘grumbling’ will give way to praise.

My weekly prayer is that the reader of this commentary becomes spiritually inspired of God.

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