Home National news “Let’s Paint Capitol Hill Red.” A Celebration of Red Hat Day, April 9th, 2013

“Let’s Paint Capitol Hill Red.” A Celebration of Red Hat Day, April 9th, 2013

by PRIDE Newsdesk

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They came in vans, cars. Some used walkers and canes. Some needed wheelchairs. They came from East and West Tennessee. And one person even came from Alabama.

Red Hatters from 32 chapters gathered on a beautiful April morning to celebrate Red Hat Day. They were dressed in their purple outfits and beautiful red hats.

They were greeted by the organizers of this Queens Council Event: Cathy Boyd ( Sister Chicks) , Josephine Stanley (Spirited Divas), Lois Winston,(Fantasia In Red) Barbara Williams (Reflections in Red) and Geraline Yoakley (Dazzling Red Hat Sisters).
They would later meet our other two members: Pat Patterson (Vibrant in Red) and Brenda Gilmore (Fantasia in Red).
The reason for this gathering of Red Hatters was the first ‘Let’s Paint Capital Hill Red.’ It was a day to tour our State capitol and meet with our State representatives.

After boarding vans at Bicentennial Mall with the assistance of  Nancy Dorman and our Tennessee State Park Rangers and after a short ride, the ladies entered the Capitol through the street- level entrance. After walking the long, marble tunnel, they took the elevator to the chambers for the Tennessee House of Representatives.

There State Representative, Brenda Gilmore introduced the Speaker of the house, Beth Harwell, the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives. Speaker Harwell was presented with a red hat and made an honorary member of the Red Hat Society. A red cap was presented to a   Kevin Kleinhieder, representative of Lt. Governor, Ron Ramsey.

All chapters introduced themselves and mentioned the counties in which they live. A group picture was taken on the steps of the Capitol.
We reboarded the buses and headed for the Wildhorse Saloon. The Hatters dined on a delicious buffet luncheon. They squealed when their names were called for door prizes.

The day ended with all of us on the dance floor, dancing ‘The Wobble’ and other popular dances. What a day!

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