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Tree trimming scam targets NES customers

by PRIDE Newsdesk

A Nashville woman was recently robbed by two individuals claiming to be tree trimmers for NES. The woman was approached by a male and female claiming they were NES tree trimmers and needed to discuss the trimming of trees in her backyard. While one of the con artists distracted the woman, the other one entered her house and stole personal property from the house before fleeing in a silver van.

“NES employees and NES tree trimming contractors always carry proper identification and are required to present it when asked,” said Teresa Corlew vice president/chief customer care officer. “Vehicles are also clearly marked as being NES tree trimming contractors. Customers will never be asked by field personnel to provide personal information such as bank account numbers or asked to pay an electric bill or for tree trimming work.”

Customers who have doubts about the legitimacy of any worker should contact NES Customer Relations at 736-6900 or call the NES Tree Hotline at 695-7400.

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