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5 faith-friendly companies you may not expect

by PRIDE Newsdesk

ATLANTA, Ga. – After the drop in employment in 2008 after the stock market crash, the success of businesses are finally beginning to rise again. According to the United States Census Bureau, 111 million people are employed by both big and small businesses. Religion still plays a large role in the United States population and is integrated into businesses throughout the country. Within the United States alone, 220 million people affiliate themselves with a particular religion.

“The relationship between religion and business was bound to happen and did,” said Will Post, founder/CEO of Hound & Gatos Pet Food. Hound & Gatos is a religious-based pet food company; the Paleolithic diet company inscribes scripture (John 3:16) on sides and bottom all of their pet food cans. “A lot of people are unaware of the companies that are ‘faith-friendly’ or religious-based within the US.”

While a few companies have received negative backlash for their religious affiliations, there are many companies throughout the United States with religious ties that have great success. Here are five other faith-friendly companies you might not know about:
· Forever 21: Christian-owned, the teen clothing store has a Bible reference on all of its shopping bags.
· Marriott Hotels: founded by a devout Mormon man, the hotel chain has a history of placing the Book of Mormon next to a Bible in a hotel room.
· In-N-Out Burger: the popular burger chain prints Bible scriptures on its wrappers and cups.
· Mary Kay Cosmetics: The worldwide make-up corporation is a faith-based company, reflecting the beliefs of its founder, Mary Kay who has attributed her success to “taking God as our partner.”
· Timberland: CEO Jeff Swartz says that his commitment to social responsibility is tied to his Jewish faith.

“I was inspired by Tim Tebow and his amazing faith-based efforts,” said Post, “My company is a reflection of my beliefs and my products are made with a devotion to animal and their well-being.”

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