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by PRIDE Newsdesk

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Dr. Robin Harris Kimbrough

All of us have seen the public service awareness messages about texting and driving, and how texting whether typing or speaking a text can take a person’s eyes off the road for split seconds, which creates a high risk of having an automobile accident. We know that many people have died as a result of texting and driving, and other distractive driving activities.

Distracted driving activities include reading emails, Facebooking, and tending to children. Distracted driving creates a greater risk of injury than driving under the influence. Being distracted is a dangerous place to be in while a person is driving, and while a person is living out the will of God. Many of us have not fulfilled our dreams or lived out our divine callings and destinies because we are distracted, and we are easily distracted.

In Luke 10, Jesus responds to Martha’s complaints about Mary not helping in the kitchen with these words, “But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her.” (40-42). Jesus could very well substitute our names for Martha, because many of us have involved ourselves with business and projects, which are not connected to what we need to be focused on in our lives. Then, we complain about being busy and not having enough time for the Lord or our families. Distractions.

Like Martha, we lose focus on what is important and concentrate on other things and other people who get us off track of what we really need to be doing. Are there persons out there who have lost focus on their jobs because of a relationship? Are there persons out there who have lost focus on paying attention to their families, because hanging out friends became more important? How many children have felt the neglect of parent because drugs or alcohol became more important than parenting?

Jesus’ criticism of Martha to get her focus in alignment with the more excellent way. The kitchen needed to be clean, but not right then. When we are in the presence of Jesus, we should take advantage of every moment to spend with him, listen to him, and get our minds in alignment with what he wants us to do and teach us. The devil does not want us to take advantage of these opportunities, and he will send people, things, and problems to distract us.

The devil will fix it up so good that we think we are actually suppose to be spending our time on these issues, when, in fact, we are suppose be sitting at the feet of Jesus. Distractions will lead to neglect, procrastination, and destruction. The good news is that when we drop a ball and are minds are distracted, Jesus comes in and gets us back on track.

We all should be thankful that Jesus kept his head in the game. He did not let anything keep him from forging ahead with the plan of salvation, including temptations, ongoing criticisms, unfaithful disciples, and the agony of Calvary. He kept his eye on the prize. We, too, need to do the same.

Let go of these distractions, and focus in on Jesus Christ, the more excellent way.

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