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What about the message to our children?

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We as American citizens have always taught our children to abide by the laws of the land and respect the legal system regardless of the outcome. However with the shutdown of the government, you can throw those lessons to the wind. It has come to the point of doing as I say regardless of what I do. We know that doesn’t stand well with the children of today. The young people of this country have been subjected to a total and blatant disregard of the law by those elected to uphold it in the best interests of the people who elected them. How can our young people respect and honor laws when they have seen our congressional representatives play partisan politics, catering to the whims of what many would call a renegade party with special interests?

If our Representatives would stop listening to the lies and poison promoted and delivered by some staunch Tea Party Republicans who see this as a chance to force their views down the throats of the American people, they’d be able to interpret the truth that is so apparent. First of all let’s set the record straight. The health reform bill is called the Affordable Care Act, not ObamaCare. It is a plan that has been approved by the majority of the public, approved by Congress, and found constitutional and legal by the Supreme Court. It is a bill making it possible for all people to obtain healthcare, even the thousands of those who were uninsurable with preexisting conditions. It holds American citizens responsible for obtaining insurance so those naysayers can’t say it is another financial drain on the government. It provides for affordable health insurance to meet health and medical needs for all Americans.

The truth is that it keeps many agencies and groups that have duped the government by overbilling or with bogus services from continuing this lucrative practice. These very conspirators have spent millions of dollars peddling lobbyists, trying to rescind or talk down the bill with misinformation and lies. Blatant racists who dislike anything the president advocates have found this an ideal issue to converge around. But it should not be about the president.

Holding the American people hostage and looking for leverage on this issue is nothing short of despicable. Everyone truly concerned about the American people should be utilizing their energies in trying to make this bill work. It is new and there are a lot of problems to be worked out, but it can be fine-tuned given time. It is the law of the land. For the most part, until now, the law meant something.

I honestly believe if people honor the truth resonating in their hearts and stop being influenced by outside forces with hidden agendas, we will find it easy to do the right thing. It is surely a sad time in American history when bigotry, racism, and hate are given a welcome seat at the table. There may be laws you don’t necessarily like or that are discriminatory, but they are still laws until properly removed by the democratic process. I only hope our children don’t follow the polluted and sordid example being practiced in Congress, excluding human dignity and respect for the law of the land. The Affordable Care Act is the law.

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