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GMX Volume Five is coming – Are you ready?

by Cass Teague

It’s that special time of year again for local fans of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comics to celebrate and party all weekend at the Franklin Marriott. Area geeks are geared up for the 48 Hours of Cool that only GMX can bring. Are you ready? Now in its fifth big year, the growth of GMX has been explosive, setting the stage for GMX, Vol. Five to become Tennessee’s largest celebration of ‘geekdom,’ Friday Nov. 1 through Sunday Nov. 3.

“The Geek Media Expo (GMX) is an annual exposition and social conference relating primarily to the popular arts, sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and relevant cultural/lifestyle themes,” said President of ArtsCubed Lucas Leverett.” GMX is presented as an educational and multi-media entertainment showcase by ArtsCubed, a Nashville-based not-for-profit corporation. ArtsCubed also presents GMX’s sister event, the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC). ArtsCubed is operated entirely by a volunteer staff.

Fans can expect great things from this year’s special guests, including: Amber Nash, Amrita Acharia, Bill Byrge, Cherie Priest, Chris Pope, Dan Carroll, Dennis Upkins, Eric Powell, Janine Spendlove, Jerry Lentz, Kelly Lockhart, Kristian Nairn, Lucky Yates, Marble Hornets, Marv Wolfman, Robert Schwalb, Rob Paulsen, Sam Flegal, Scott Christian Sava, Spoken Nerd, Steve Downes, Teal Sherer, and Timothy Zahn.

Come for the money! For the $1,000 GMX Cosplay Contest, participants are solely judged on craftsmanship (design, construction, execution, and general presentation of costume), judged before the contest.

Registration and pre-judging is required, and contestants must be on hand during the costume contest in order to be qualified to win the $1,000 grand prize.

Why is it called GMX? The name GMX derives from the definitions of 1) Geek: a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity; 2) Media: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely; and 3) Expo: a large-scale public exhibition or show. So, put them together, mix well, stir and serve for 48 Hours of Cool! Are you ready to imbibe?

Each year GMX selects a worthy charity to sponsor, and this year GMX is partnering with The Evolve Project. This program, developed by Nashville’s own Child Care Alliance, is an anti-bullying and positive self-esteem initiative that reaches out to middle-school-aged children through performance arts. GMX will be working to raise awareness and money for this important program through the sale of custom GMX hockey jerseys, a raffle, a Dr. Who themed fundraiser called Exterminate Bullying, and other events throughout the weekend. To find out more about the charity visit them online at www.theevolveproject.orCheck out the Saturday Speaker Series at GMX, an event where professionals and experts of various trades stand up and present their ideas, stories, research, and so forth. Speakers are given 15 minutes and challenged to inspire, awe, and educate on the theme ‘Community.’


The main draw for GMX is the constant activity, especially including rich panels that cover a wide variety of topics that geeks love to get together and discuss. GMX is divided into channels of programming, and each has tons off fun stuff to do. Here are a few of the many choices of the panels you can attend, listed by their respective channel:

BRIT: British TV and film, etc.

Doctor Who Complain-O-Thon 2013
Don’t PaNIC: The Manic Panel Show
The Moffatverse: An Explorations of Steven Moffat’s Lesser Known Works
Monty’s Pythons
Peter Cushing: A Centennial Celebration

 COMIC: Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Web Comics

Comic Creators Q&A Dreaming in Four Colors: The Comic Work of Neil Gaiman
Digital Comic Illustration
Marvel NOW!ish: Marvel’s Latest Creative Initiative
Panel of the Atom: An X-Men Retrospective
Pixelated Panels: Entering the World of Digital Comics
Putting the Marv in Marvel: Marv Wolfman Q&A
S.H.I.E.L.D Peer Review
What the Heck is Homestuck? Subjuggulating and Educating

FANTASY: Fantasy Genre Literature, Film, Television

Do you Know More Than Jon Snow? (Game of Thrones? Quiz)
Hodor & IRRI: A Game of Thrones Q&A( Kristian Nairn and Amrita Acharia
LGBTQs in Speculative Fiction
Winter is Coming – A Game of Thrones Fantasy Ball

ODDITIES: Horror, Paranormal, Zombies

Barnabas Collins, Then and Now: A Look Inside DARK SHADOWS Fandom
First Annual Dean Winchester Memorial Pie Eating Contest
Marble Hornets Q&A
Marble Hornets Season 3 Commentary
Resident Evil: Surviving the Biohazard
UNDEAD TONIGHT!(w/ late night talk show host Gavin Fitch)

 SCI FI: Star Trek, Star Wars, Classic Sci-Fi Works of All Sorts

The Biology of Science Fiction: Aliens and Evolution.
Canadian Contributions to American SciFi Film and TV   (by Cass Teague)
Canadian contributions to the science fiction film and television genres will be explored, beginning with Fay Wray and Raymond Massey in the 1930s, through Bill Shatner in the ’50s and ’60s (and beyond), and James Cameron’s films to modern-day Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal film and TV productions.
Full Scale Millennium Falcon
MST3k vs. GMX
Race of the Tauntauns Episode IV – A New Tauntaun
Radioactive Superbeings: Causes, Uses and Consequences
Timothy Zahn Q&A
Trek Tech ( technology used by Star Trek – what we can do today, what we might be able to do tomorrow, and what might never be possible.
Way of the Force: Jedi Obstacle Course

SCI TEK: All Areas of Science and Technology, Also Robots

How to build a Dobsonian Telescope (Learn to build one)
Mobile App Development
MTRAS Presents: Control Them Before they Control You! Robotics 101
Robot Battles GMX
SUMO Robot Rumbles Competition Presented by MTRAS

WHEDON: Everything Joss Whedon Related

S.H.I.E.L.D Peer Review  — Now that it’s here, is it living up to expectations? Who are your new favorites?
Six Degrees of Joss Whedon — You thought Bacon was connected? Come play the game with Joss as your nexus
What’s New in the ‘Verse — For a show that’s 10 years gone, there’s still a lot of life in the Firefly ‘verse.
Whedon 101 — Catch up with Whedon news and meet other fans! Share your stories.

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