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Uncle Charlie rocks the house

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson

This past Saturday night was a treat indeed. New school/Old school was on display. The young, middle-aged and old folks all came out. This was as blended of a concert as you would’ve ever seen. Charlie Wilson and El DeBarge fans were in full effect, pumped and excited to see two men in R&B who’ve long been very successful in the music industry, LIVE in concert. These men are known for some of their biggest hits. There were lines at the Municipal Auditorium before the show even started. It was the concert that everyone had been talking about for weeks. Radio personalities were on constant reminder mode to fans to purchase their tickets.

Meanwhile, El DeBarge, the panty dropper for the ladies, whose voice rivals his outer appearance, softened the ladies’ hearts as Charlie’s opener. He got the party started for the crowd, mostly ladies, when he sung “Love Always.” His facial expressions were full of astonishment, but endearing at the same time. He tested his fans loyalty to love. When DeBarge sang, ladies enjoyed his soulful voice as he tried connecting with his fans.

“Uncle Charlie was the life of the party,” screamed one exciting female fan.

After a brief intermission, fans were ready to see the one and only Charlie Wilson. Charlie took his time and kept his flock waiting. However, when he finally appeared, he came out with a Bang! His opening was phenomenal. A mini marching band came out on stage to introduce the Gap Band’s former lead vocalist. Once Charlie stepped on stage, he wanted to keep the party jumping by playing his hit, “Party Train.” Fans were awed with Wilson’s singing capabilities, costume design as well as his dance moves. He can still perform at 60. A born entertainer, he still knows how to put on a show. Apparently he was worth the wait. Fans were on their feet almost the entire time he was on stage and that was almost two hours. The costumes from him and his whole crew were colorful and vibrant. They also blended with each song Wilson played during his set, which included, “You Are,” “Yearning for Your Love,” “Outstanding,” “You Dropped a Bomb,” “There Goes My Baby,” “Can’t Live Without You,” “Charlie, Last Name Wilson” and many more. He has too many hits. If you were there, you were entertained.

Wilson revealed his personal side to his fans and brought church to the stage with a little semi-sermon. He almost had an alter call on stage. He eventually got back to the music, ending his testimony appropriately. Younger/new school fans may not know that Wilson was an alcoholic and crack cocaine user. In 2008, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, however, Wilson is 18 years sober and cancer free. He asked fans to recognize and appreciate the man upstairs for their blessings.

Wilson credits R. Kelly and Snoop Dogg for re-launching his career. The end result of the concert=fabulous. Uncle Charlie is a living legend and teacher for other R&B artists.

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