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Centerstone receives grant for online substance abuse treatment

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Centerstone has received a three-year, $840,000 grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to improve access to substance abuse treatment services for more than 150 individuals living in underserved rural areas in Tennessee and southern Kentucky. The organization will implement an electronic Recovery-Oriented System of Care, or e-ROSC, that will be modeled after a successful e-ROSC that Centerstone of Indiana established in 2012. Centerstone Research Institute secured the funding for these initiatives and is evaluating their outcomes.

“Research shows that only about 10 percent of the people who need substance abuse treatment today are receiving it,” said Matt Hardy, regional director for Centerstone, who will oversee the e-ROSC program in Tennessee.

“Unfortunately, this statistic is usually worse in rural communities where treatment services are not always available. Our e-ROSC experience in Indiana has shown that, by offering substance abuse services options online, we can reach more people in more communities, enabling earlier intervention and fostering healthier communities. We are excited to launch this initiative in Tennessee.”

A Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) is an innovative approach to treating substance abuse and addictions that involves grassroots and faith-and community-based organizations all working together to help people achieve recovery. ROSC services are comprehensive and tailored to each individual’s need, making treatment more effective and successful for participants.

The e-ROSC established by Centerstone of Indiana in 2012 was the nation’s first electronic Recovery-Oriented System of Care. It was made possible by a grant from SAMHSA and brought innovative recovery resources to qualified residents in Brown, Lawrence, Morgan, Monroe and Owen counties in southern Indiana. In its first 18 months of operation, the Indiana e-ROSC assisted nearly 100 people who did not have access to substance abuse treatment services in their communities begin their road to recovery. The average amount of time individuals engaged with e-ROSC counselors and coaches was four months.

With this new funding from SAMHSA, Centerstone will develop an e-ROSC for residents in six Middle Tennessee counties, including Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Montgomery, Robertson, and Stewart, as well as three counties in Southern Kentucky, including Christian, Todd, and Trigg. The e-ROSC web portal will give people access to 24/7 addiction treatment support and a library of resources in a safe, secure online environment. Tools such as online support groups, blogs and one-on-one “talk to me now” live chat features make it easy for participants to connect with their counselors and peers, and virtually track their recovery progress.

Additionally, grant funding will support the development of a mobile platform that will enable Centerstone clients to easily access information about their health record directly from a mobile device. Clients will be able to schedule appointments, ask questions about their treatment plan, and have information about helpful community resources at their fingertips.

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