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ABC & SBA join as partners

by PRIDE Newsdesk

In early December the American Baptist College (ABC) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) were on hand for the official signing of an agreement establishing a partnership between the college and the SBA.  Members of both organizations gathered in the Lewis Scruggs center on the campus of the American Baptist College, 1800 Baptist World Center Drive. 

Students, faculty, alumni, representatives of local, state, federal and nonprofit business organizations joined U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper, who supports the American Baptist College as it is recognized by the federal government as a Historically Black College.  This was achieved in March of 2013 as the nation’s 105th HBCU and Nashville’s 4th.
“As an HBCU, ABC carries on its proud tradition as a vibrant center of discovery, intellectual inquiry and social justice leadership that builds upon its rich legacy of educating students to become agents of change.”

The Strategic Alliance Memorandum is the first step in creating a working relationship allowing the SBA to contribute to the mission of the college.  President Forrest E. Harris said, “As we approach our 90th year, this agreement positions ABC as performing a pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship, job creation and economic stability.” 
Walter Perry, Director of the SBA Tennessee District office described the covenant as part of an initiative to create collaborations with the seven HBCUs in Tennessee that was creative by Cassius Butts, director of Region IV-Southeastern US. 

“ABC will contribute substantially to extending the counseling, contracting and capital resources of the SBA and promoting opportunities for students and faculty to grow the economy and create Tennessee Jobs,” Perry said.

The SBA provides small business counseling and training, federal government contracting support and government guaranteed loans. 

ABC offers four-year graduate degrees.  For more information, visit www.abcnash.edu .

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