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Public input sought on mass transportation

by PRIDE Newsdesk

NASHVILLE, TN – Metro Public Works will host a 2nd informational Open House to update the public about the ongoing Multimodal Mobility Study on Thursday, January 30.
The Open House will be held at the Downtown Nashville Partnership located at 150 4th Avenue North, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Nashville residents, businesses, employees, and visitors are encouraged to attend.

Team members will present preliminary study recommendations for public input before the recommended list of projects and policies is finalized. During the 1st Open House, held this past October, Nashvillians were invited to take part in an online survey about transportation. Over 390 respondents have taken the survey and results will be presented on Jan 30 at the open house. Results of the existing condition analysis, review of development scenarios, and mobility impacts of growth in the downtown area will also be presented.

The study is projected to be completed in April, 2014. This is the second of three public meetings. A third Open House is planned for early April. Interviews with stakeholders are ongoing and preliminary recommendations presented at the Open House will be posted to the Public Works website.

The Multimodal Mob- ility Study will provide comprehensive strategies for achieving an optimum balance of transit service and taxi/limousine services, bicycling, walking and automobile circulation and parking. The study focuses on the downtown area and will be integrated with other plans for the region, including the Strategic Transit Master Plan, Music City Center Vision Plan and the MPO Regional Transportation Plan to ensure a cohesive and reliable strategy for the most effective mobility for the region.

For more information about this project or to submit comments, visit: http://www.nashville.gov/Public-Works/Capital-Projects/Multimodal-Mobility-Study.aspx.

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