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Mistaken for Jesus

Expressions of faith
Mistaken for Jesus

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

I read a story about a hospice chaplain who became friends with an elderly hospice patient. The chaplain visited with his friend many times, and was greatly impressed with his faith. One day the chaplain got a call that the hospice patient had taken a turn for the worse, and that if he wanted to see him alive, he needed to come right away.

The chaplain went to visit his friend only to find him in a deep sleep, and decided not to wake him up because he knew his friend had been in a lot of pain. But just has he begin to leave, his friend opened his eyes wide and stared right at him. The patient looked intently at the chaplain and said, “Oh, for a minute, I thought you were Jesus.”
They laughed about it for a moment and had a good visit together. Just two hours later the chaplain’s friend did see Jesus face to face.

I believe we all ought to be mistaken for Jesus, at lest every once in a while. God has given us a mission—just as God gave a mission to Jesus, His beloved Son. We can make the same kinds of choices Jesus made. Because of His unity with God, Jesus lived as God wanted Him to live. Because of our identification with Jesus, we must honor Him and live as He wants us to live. In order for us to live out our mission, we must show God’s unconditional love. If you’re treating other people with care and compassion, or if you’re bringing good news to the poor, healing to the sick and freedom to those whose lives are being torn apart—then maybe, someone will look at your life and say, “Oh, for a minute, I thought you were Jesus.”

My weekly prayer, is for the reader of this commentary to become spiritually inspired by God.

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