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Expressions of Faith: We must stay in prayer

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Rev. William Watson

Rev. William Watson

All Christians should constantly stay in prayer and ask God to purify our hearts and to keep us from the dangerous perils of these days, so that we will be ready for His coming. Prayer is not something we do. A prayer life is who we are. Pray without ceasing. Today, the earth is filled with violence and corruption. Those living in the days of Noah (both young and old) were living similarly to us today in violence and corruption. The Bible tells us these conditions will exist until Jesus Christ returns. Jesus warns us to be watchful when we begin to see these things happening.

Genesis 6:11-13 says the earth was corrupt before God and filled with violence. There are also impending threats of a worldwide financial collapse.

What are we to do? Matthew 24 is the advice and warning of Jesus to prepare us for this time. (Please read) 1) Let no man deceive you. We can know if something is true or false by seeing if it lines up with the word of God. 2) Preach the Gospel. God wants us to be witnesses of His love and salvation. We are to share His Kingdom message with the lost. 3) Do not fear and worry. Jesus will keep us safe and guide us if we stay close to Him and be committed and obedient to do His will. We also need courage and endurance that we might help others endure. 4) Do not believe all signs and wonders. The Holy Spirit is our guide. Many times when we feel uneasy about something, it is the Holy Spirit trying to reveal itself unto us. The Lord wants us to ask Him if something is of Him or not. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 says “prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

We should always seek God in prayer as to what He is saying.

My weekly Prayer is that the reader of this commentary becomes spiritually inspired of God.

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