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“SANCTIFIED” comes to Nashville

by Cass Teague

Cast members of gospel musical "SANCTIFIED"

Cast members of gospel musical “SANCTIFIED”

Kenny Dozier and Kennie Playhouse Theatre is at it again with their latest and very funny comedic gospel musical, “SANCTIFIED” by Javon Johnson! The play will take place at the Manna From Heaven Theater, Nashville, TN, April 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, and May 3. Directed by Kenny Dozier and Music Director(s) Cedric Poellnitz and Deb Starling, the cast features Keith Floyd, former lead singer of the R&B group “After 7”. The cast also features a group of awesome singers who are collectively new to the Nashville theater scene. “But make no mistake, these newbies can sing,” said Dozier!

Sanctified offers a comical yet compelling glimpse into the heart of a small, southern, black Baptist church and its beloved congregants. Few in number they may be, but Piney Grove Baptist Church is one flock of born again, baptized believers whose convictions are heavily rooted in tradition and dead set against change.Does the young and newly elected interim Pastor, Harold P. Jones, have what it takes to usher in a fiery spirit of revival in an effort to restore the church’s lukewarm reputation. Will his decision to his enlist his (Diva wanna be) cousin to assist with a much needed gospel explosion take away the last and only leg the church has left to stand on—-or does Piney Grove already have a ram in the bush?

Though pushed to the brink, all is not lost. See how this struggling, African American, South Carolinian church is forced to see themselves for who they truly are and agree to unite together for a mighty work in the Lord thru song. Who said Church ain’t Fun!

Javon Johnson is an award winning professional playwright who now presents “SANCTIFIED” as being no different with credentials of its own.

The play is the winner of (5) Black Theater Alliance awards including Best Play, Best Musical!

SANCTIFIED was commissioned by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery, Al, Kent Thompson, Artistic Director. Other cast members include: Bryant Thompson, Jadaeka (Jaye) Mazon, Calvin O. Atchison II, Darius Willis, Patrick James, Jr., Cole Jonique, LaJuanda Thompson, LaQualla Tatum, Danielle Brown, and Kenny Dozier! Ensemble: Gabrielle Frelix, Deborah Starling, Kendra McPhail.

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