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‘MTAC in Love’ set for Murfreesboro

by Cass Teague

Year 14 of the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention- titled ‘MTAC in Love’ will take place Friday, April 18 through Sunday April 20, Easter weekend, at the Embassy Suites, Nashville SE located at 1200 Conference Center Blvd., Murfreesboro, Tenn., the geographic center of the state and 30 minutes southeast of downtown Nashville. The hotel and convention space neighbor The Avenue Murfreesboro, an outdoor shopping mall filled with premier national retailers, local merchants, and specialty restaurants.

“Our move to the Embassy is positive in many ways,” said MTAC Executive Director Holly Moore. “We feel that fans will appreciate not only the amenities but the atmosphere as well. The social experience of our convention remains a priority, and our new venue will continue to enable great memories to be made. We see an opportunity here, to concentrate on a leaner, more focused MTAC.”

This year, the convention will feature a very rare appearance by the talented voice artist behind one of the most beloved title-characters in the genre: Dan Green, the voice of Yugi from the massively-popular Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. Green has made very few convention appearances, and this will be his first at an Anime convention in the United States. He will appear with long-time colleague and friend Eric Stuart, a local-transplant who has become a favorite at MTAC and esteemed friend of the event. Stuart is known for his voice role as Yu-Gi-Oh rival Kaiba. Both actors also carry an impressive resume of other popular and favorite characters. Convention organizers are hoping to coax the two into a duel to the delight of fans.

Joining Green and Stuart, in a triumphant return to one of his favorite conventions, MTAC will again welcome Vic Mignogna. Most known for his role as the lead character Edward Elric in the popular Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, Mignogna has been a semi-regular headlining the event, and is excited to return.

“Some of my favorite people are at MTAC,” Mignogna said, “and some of the greatest fans in the country. I’m super jazzed to be returning!”

Meet guests Samantah Inoue-Harte, Marianne Miller, Samurai Dan and Jillian, Vedetta Marie, Martin ‘LittleKuriboh’ Billany, DJ Pete Ellison, and Chili Sakuabi. Main Events include: the MTAC Anime Music Video contest; the ‘Can You Feel The Dub Tonight?’ Rave; Cosplay Contest; Fireside Chat; HK: Forbidden Superhero movie showing; Love Serenade Ball, formal cosplay ball, Final-Fantasy-themed; MTAC for Life: Closing Ceremonies; Opening Ceremonies; Ramen Eating Contest; and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel. Music Track programming includes AMV Watch Party, Chris Davis and His K-Pop All Stars, Fall Into the Parody of Love, Feelin’ the Love of Korean Music, and Find Your Idol Group.

With every year, MTAC themes its annual event with a play on that year’s numbers. ‘MTAC in Love’ in 2014 cleverly adopts Valentine’s Day (‘2/14’) and celebrates all things romantic in anime, manga and Japanese popular culture. For details, go to the website at www.mtac.net

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