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The Hair Guru

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Sonya Woodson

Sonya Woodson

Sonya Woodson has 24 years of cosmetology experience, and she is what I consider a hair guru, although her official title is: trichologist. A trichologist helps people who have problems with hair breakage, hair loss, and other problems with their hair and scalp. Sonya began her education in the hair field in 1989 when she entered a hair contest and won first place in Memphis, Tenn.

Sonya was licensed in 1991, and in 1992 she taught cosmetology classes for summer school students. She took a leap of faith and rented a booth at V’s Barber Shop on Oak Valley Drive.

In 1994, Sonya gave birth to her son Jaylon, a life-changing event that really prompted her to do more and to move forward in her career. She entered hair shows, trade shows, and attended seminars to continue her education. Sonya’s goal was to provide a stable life for her son. Family is very important to Sonya. Her aunt and grandmother died 15 years apart from breast cancer.

Sonya decided to give back to the community and has volunteered at New Visions Youth Center where she showed young girls who had no one in their lives how to take care of their hair and themselves. Sonya has volunteered at Clover Bottom Mental Health Facility, nursing homes, and funeral homes.

Sonya continued her education in trichology, learning more about health, wellness and how your diet affects your hair loss. Major things which cause hair loss include: lack of proper nutrition, aging, hormonal changes, stress, heredity, prolonged illness, and medications. You should see a trichologist if you have: sudden excessive hair loss from the scalp, severe breakage after receiving a chemical service, a bald patch which has suddenly appeared or itching and excessive scaling from scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea, excessive hair loss, and baldness (alopecia).

Treatment might consist of electro therapy, an application of topical formulations to the hair and scalp, a home maintenance formula, or an optional wig replacement.

In her zeal to give back, Sonya wants to educate cancer patients about hair loss while undergoing treatments. Beginning on Sunday, June 15 and 22 at 2 pm, Sonya will have the first of many free two-hour seminar introducing trichology and hair disorders. Seminars will be held twice a month at V’s Barber Shop, 104 Oak Valley Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 37207. All seminars will be from 2-4 pm.

Anyone with hair loss and scalp problems should attend.

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