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A mother’s love is unconditional God knew what He was doing when He created mothers

Happy Mother’s Day
A mother’s love is unconditional God knew what He was doing when He created mothers

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Min. Lois Brown-Grady

Min. Lois Brown-Grady

A mother’s love flows repeatedly from her heart for her children, whether they are right or wrong. That’s love.

When God created her, He knew the right virtues to instill within her in order for her to assume her role as a parent and a mother.

But He also knew that this role would be quite challenging for her; however, with His love dwelling within her, it would be the strength that she would need to see her family through.

He knew that she would not always make the wisest choices and decisions for her children, but He promised her that He would always be there at her time of need.

But He made it available through prayer. She could always seek him for His directions and guidance for her family.

Sometimes, a mother’s heart is so heavy and overwhelmed by the choices that her children are making that she has to cry out to her Heavenly Father, to show her His way: “Says His ears are open to the cry of His people,” Psalms 61:1.

We as mothers acknowledge that our children are a special gift from Him (Psalms 127:3). Behold children are a heritage from the Lord. He has entrusted us to render the right parenting skills to them (Psalms 22:6). Let us train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Father God, thank you for the life and legacy of my late beloved mother, Ida M. Brown, who did her best to raise eight children without a father being present in her home. You truly provided and meet her needs for her family. I will always be grateful and thankful to You, because we never could have made it without you.

She was a woman of great strength, and she knew how to come boldly to the throne of grace to seek you for her needs.

My mother taught me some great valuable lessons in life as the oldest sibling. And what she left behind prepared me to assume my role as a parent, mother and grandmother to my family whom I love and cherish. Because of her, I was able to pass to my daughter those same parenting skills. I would say the most valuable lesson that she taught me in life was to love God with all my heart, mind and soul. She said if you love God unconditionally, you will be able to love His people as well. She said if you hold dear to these two things in this lifetime, you will be able to survive.

We as parents have the responsibility and privilege of modeling God’s faithful love to their children. When parents demonstrate unconditional love to their children, they grow up to be more secure adults who have a better understanding of our loving Heavenly Father. Because God shows us love without condition, we too must learn to love others in spite of their sins.

Whether your child is four or 40, you can be a living example of his love.

(Min. Lois J. Brown-Grady is founder of The Prayer Faith & Healing Ministry.)

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