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Pastor George T. Brooks, Sr. celebrates 30th Year Anniversary

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. George T. Brooks, Sr.

Dr. George T. Brooks, Sr.

The members, friends and family of Saint James Missionary Baptist Church will celebrate their pastor on May 18. Appreciation and honor will be given to this great pastor, leader and teacher, Dr. George T. Brooks, Sr.

“He has guided St. James to greater heights in the expansion of his ministries as the second tenure 30 year pastor of St. James,” said coordinators.

George T. Brooks was educated in the public schools of Nashville, Tenn. and graduated from American Baptist College. He is known to be a “devoted husband, model father and a stellar student.” Rev. Brooks was converted to follow Jesus Christ at the tender age of eight years old. He began his spiritual walk by singing praises to God. He later professed his call to the ministry in 1977.

Before entering the ministry, Brooks sold insurance and drove trucks where he was the first Black route salesman for the Gulf Oil Company.

In 1984, Brooks was ordained at the Saint James Missionary Baptist church. During his ministry, Dr. Brooks was privileged to travel to Jerusalem with an elite group of preachers to an international conference where they walked the holy land that Jesus had traveled over 2000 years ago. Rev. Brooks also visited the White House during the presidency of George W. Bush. Brooks’ prominence in the community led to an invitation to President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

In his effort to become better at his craft, Rev. Brooks became a stellar student when he returned to school at the age of 60 to receive his Masters and Doctor of Divinity degree and finished magna cum laude.

Brooks is a published author and enjoys participating in numerous speaking engagements at various churches and conferences.
Rev. Brooks’ members are impressed and commend him for knowing each of his ‘sheep’ by name. Thus, the members of Saint James Baptist Church joyfully celebrate their pastor for 30 years of “soul winning, teaching and feeding God’s sheep.”

“Pastor Brooks is a guide and counselor to all of us, and he represents the embodiment of what is good, righteous, and admirable. He finds time to serve, work and lead not only his church but in the community and country. Now is our time to say ‘thank you’ and to show appreciation and love for all he has done and meant to us” said an event-coordinating member.

Brooks’ 30 year celebration will be held on Sunday, May 18 at 8 am, with guest preacher, Dr. George T. Brooks, Jr. of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Hendersonville, Tenn. at 11 am. At the 2:30 pm service, the guest speaker will be Rev. James ‘Tex’ Thomas of Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church.

George T. Brooks is the husband of Sarah Leona Brooks and the father of George T. Brooks, Jr. and Octavia Brooks.

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