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Adopt a Library

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Young school children are out for the summer and what better place is there to catch up on their reading skills than in the libraries. With reading and math skills needing improvement in many of our public schools it seems only logical for parents, communities, and supporting groups to push and encourage our young children to frequent the library and take advantage of the multitude of joy, happiness and knowledge to be found in books.

A trip to the library is an inexpensive and innovative way to spend time with the whole family while encouraging your children to develop a love for reading. A love for reading should start in the early stages of a child’s development with children watching and hearing their parents read to them. Children have a tendency to want to mimic their parents or adults, so reading should be a daily routine incorporated in the home. Emphasis should be made to read children stories with enthusiastic and excitement thus captivating the attention of the child.

While reading should be fun and self-fulfilling, there may be some children that may be motivated by incentives such as so much money for each book read, or a certain item given for fulfilling a reading assignment. However, monetary rewards should not be encouraged for any length of time, for you may help develop someone who may not like reading, but do it only seeking to be materially rewarded. If done as a regular daily venture, it is only natural that the child will begin to automatically look forward to reading even without being prompted.

There is a multitude of different topics to catch anyone’s attention or interest, negating the excuse by some students that reading books is boring and uninteresting. Not liking to read should be unacceptable for any young adult, because reading, especially reading comprehension (understanding what you read) is necessary in understanding and interpreting instructions. Reading with emphasis on reading comprehension is necessary for any productive and successful individual in the school or working environment. Reading books increases ones vocabulary thus increasing their writing and comprehensive skills, an added advantage in passing standardized test and extending ones education through secondary education. Reading offers the reader who cannot afford it, a chance to vicariously experience or visit places throughout the world.

Public libraries make reading materials accessible, regardless of one’s economic social status. Public libraries are equal opportunity venues offering everyone an opportunity to expand their horizon through personal growth. It offers a fun and knowledgeable environment to help you in your personal, social and academic development. So the next time when you looking for a free or inexpensive venture for the family, consider the library. Make your local public library a favorite place to frequent. It is a sure winner for everyone.

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