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What if something bad happens?

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dori, the forgetful fish in Finding Nemo, said something really profound to her over-worried and fearful traveling companion while they were trapped in the mouth of a whale. Dori explained that she could speak and interpret whale. As the water subsided in the whale, Dori explained that the whale was saying to let go, and actually plunge into his stomach. Her companion said: “NO! Do you know if something bad is going to happen?” Dori responded, “I don’t know. But I am going to let go.”

They both plunged into the belly of the well, and the whale blew them out of his hole, and they were saved. Unfortunately, many of us live our lives like Nemo’s father. We are always asking the question: ‘what if something bad happens?’ What if we lived our lives like Dori? Why can’t we live our lives letting go, and stepping out on faith, and willing to take risks? Jesus makes this paradoxical statement in Matthew 10:39. Jesus is talking about taking a risk. Lose your life, and find it. Stop playing it safe all the time and thereby losing it. Sometimes in this life, it is best to play it safe. Yesterday, I saw a squirrel running across the street. Instead of waiting on the truck coming, it took the risk and ran—but the truck hit the squirrel. There are some situations that we need to stop, and do a risk assessment and realize that this may be a risk with no reward.

This is why it is so important to hear from the Lord. He will let us know when to play it safe. He will also let us know when to take the risk.

Unfortunately, many of us have missed out on a lot in life, e.g., good relationships, lucrative jobs, educational advancement, and opportunities to heal and to be used by God—because we refused to step out on faith and to take a risk. We get stuck on ‘what if something bad happens?’ Instead of dealing with inquisition, we need to focus on declaration. Something good can happen.

We will not end up like the squirrel if we can speak the language of God, and interpret his divine direction and will in our lives.

Taking a risk requires us to come out of comfort zones, spend some money, and give time to something that requires faith and full direction from the Holy Spirit. Our fear is that we will end up like the squirrel, a failure. The truth is until we overcome the fear of failure, we will never be successful.

The reason why people around us are moving forward is not because they are smarter, more talented, or have more money. It is because they don’t know the answer to ‘what if something bad is going to happen?’ They don’t care what the answer is. We need to rise above the fear of failure and meet the challenge of becoming all of what God wants us to be. This is why Jesus died on Calvary. He died so each one of us could find success, not for selfish gain, but so God can get the glory. Today, he takes a risk on us that we will be faithful, operate in his will, and do the things that he has given us power and authority to do. As Jesus takes a risk on us, let us risk our lives for him.

Lose your life, and find it.

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