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Teen tweet on friendship

Listen to Lizzie
Teen tweet on friendship

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Lizzie Kimbrough

Lizzie Kimbrough

One of the worse feelings in the world is finding out that someone who you thought was your friend isn’t really your friend. Your stomach sinks, and you feel so embarrassed, especially when you find out like I did. This past week, I received a phone call about a party, and the caller asked whether I was going. Guess what? I was not even invited to the party.

The person having the summer celebration is my friend on SNAPCHAT, we follow each other on Instagram, and sometimes we even chat live over the phone. Can you imagine how hurt I felt? Serves me right, because I just told my brother earlier this week how some of his ‘so-called’ friends were talking about him.

The lesson I learned from this situation is that everyone isn’t your friend, and that is okay.

The truth is we only have a few people we can call friends. These are the people who have your back. They invite you to parties, and they are also there to help you with homework. My true friends find my stuff around school, and return it to me. I know this sounds a little ‘churchy,’ but hey I am a preacher’s kid—our true friend is Jesus Christ. Listen to Lizzie.

Friendship is a rare thing, and when you find it hold to it really tight. Although I try not to let her know sometimes, my best friend is my mother.

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