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Listen to Lizzie: Teen Tweet on boys and drugs

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Lizzie Kimbrough

Lizzie Kimbrough

Just because I go to an all-girl school, please don’t get the wrong impression—boys are a very big part of our social dynamic and conversation. Boys come over to our school; boys are at our social activities; and of course we, the girls, find our way to football games and track meets. Boys are everywhere.

So we, the girls, talk about boys—but some more than others. I have a good friend who can’t stop talking about boys, especially, one particular boy. She tried to follow this guy on Instagram, but he would not follow her back. She made up so many excuses for him as to why he didn’t follow her back. A mutual friend followed the boy. Guess what? He followed her back.

Now before you get it twisted, this guy is NOT cute, and our mutual friend did the whole ‘unfollow thing.’ He had the nerve to ‘KIK’ message her, and asked whether she would do drugs with him if they were in a room by themselves. She told him: “Absolutely not!” Then I thought to myself: what if this guy were attractive, and she liked the guy, and she were in college? This decision, although it would have the same outcome, would have been more difficult to make. Just think my friend likes this boy. She should be glad he did not follow her back.

TWEET: Say ‘no’ to drugs and boys who ask you to do them or anything else you don’t want to do.

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