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‘Tea Cups & Jewels A Collector’s Shop’ holds grand opening celebration, October 16-18

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Tea Cups & Jewels-A Collector's Shop will help you find what you are looking for, if it is not in the shop.

Tea Cups & Jewels-A Collector’s Shop will help you find what you are looking for, if it is not in the shop.

As the season is changing, a great little place to begin shopping for those special Christmas gifts, collectible items, and specialty baskets and boxes that make great hostess gifts for holiday parties can be found at Tea Cups & Jewels, A Collector’s Shop!

The public is invited to attend a three-day grand opening celebration, October 16-18, at the store nestled in a quiet little shopping nook at 3803 North Hyde’s Ferry Road, Suite D. Thursday, Friday and Saturday shoppers are invited to come by from 10 am-5 pm each day. However, added attractions and additional vendors will culminate the grand opening weekend on Saturday, October 18.

Geraldine Heath, founder of Tea Cups & Jewels, A Collector’s Shop, is the retired managing editor of the Nashville PRIDE newspaper. After 25 years serving the community through the PRIDE, Geraldine is still serving the community by currently creating a unique venue for shoppers, collectors and those in need of small activity gatherings.

Tea Cups & Jewels offers new and vintage collectible items such as ceramics, books, jewelry, pictures, ‘whatnots’ and much more.

“These items are purchased as gifts that sometimes bring back fond memories or something you’ve been looking for,” said Geraldine.

After many years of working on a variety of small projects for friends, special weddings and church functions, opening Tea Cups & Jewels also offers other special services, e.g.: help in finding items needed to decorate for an event, a home, an office, and other special occasions.

“We make shopping special and convenient,” said Geraldine. “Tea Cups & Jewels is a place where people can gather and take their time browsing and enjoying the experience.”

Favorite specialty items are the memory chests available to give to loved ones at the passing of a friend or relative.

“I especially like these chests because they are a lovely and thoughtful way of saving small keepsakes for the memory of my mother,” said a recent recipient of the memory chest.

Also available at the shop is an on-site activity room, The Rose Room, which is available for a variety of activities such as computer help sessions, a consignment area for a day a special youth Tea Party, and more!

“‘Creativity’ is the operable word for the Rose Room,” said a friend, as she pondered hosting a book club meeting in the Rose Room.

And creativity flows throughout the shop. One may spend hours perusing the plethora of books, magazines, records and albums—a collector’s resting spot.

Shoppers and collectors also have the opportunity to share their collections on consignment as well as viewing others.

Tea Cups & Jewels A Collector’s Shop will hold its grand opening celebration at 3803 Hyde’s Ferry Rd. from Thursday-Saturday, October 16-18, from 10 am-5 pm.

Tea Cups & Jewels is located at 3803 Hyde’s Ferry Rd. in Nashville, Tenn. The regular shop hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 am-4:30 pm and Wednesday and Saturday by two-hour block appointment times.

For more information, call 615-498-6371 or e-mail TCJCollectors@gmail.com

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