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Faith of a mustard seed

by Barbara Woods-Washington

Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

Barbara A. Woods Washington, M. Div.

“I always had an excessive desire to learn to distinguish the true from the false, in order to see clearly in my actions and to walk with confidence in this life.” (R. Descartes)

“The passion for truth is silenced by answers which have the weight of undisputed authority.” (P. Tillich)

Charlie Brown was on the pitcher’s mound and said to his catcher, “We’re getting slaughtered again, Schroeder… I don’t know what to do… Why do we have to suffer like this?” Shroeder descends the mound to return to his position saying “Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward.” “What?”

Charlie says. By now Linus approaches the mound saying, “He’s quoting from the ‘Book of Job’ Charlie Brown, seventh verse, fifth chapter.” Linus continues, “actually the problem of suffering is a very profound one, and…” Up comes Lucy, “If a person has bad luck, it’s because he’s done something wrong, that’s what I always say!” Shroeder responds, “That’s what Job’s friends told him, but I doubt if…” Lucy then says, “What about Job’s Wife? I don’t think she gets enough credit!” Shroeder continues, “I think a person who never suffers, never matures… suffering is actually very important.” Lucy adds, “Who wants to suffer? Don’t be ridiculous!” Shermy joins them, “But pain is a part of life, and…” Linus adds, “A person who speaks only of the ‘patience of Job’ reveals that he knows very little of the book. Now, the way I see it…” Charlie Brown exasperated says, “I don’t have a Ball Team… I have a Theological Seminary!” (C. Schulz)

“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.” (A. Einstein)

“I became aware of my destiny: to belong to the critical minority as opposed to the unquestioning majority.” (S. Freud)

“Men of Athens, I know and love you, but I shall obey God rather than you, and while I have life and strength I shall never cease from the practice and teaching of Philosophy… I tell you that to do as you say would be a disobedience to God, and therefore I cannot hold my tongue. Daily to discourse about virtue, and about those other things about which you hear me examining myself and others is the greatest good of man. The unexamined life is not worth living… In another world I shall be able to continue my search into true and false knowledge… In another world they do not put a man to death for asking questions: assuredly not.” (Plato)

“To lose one’s life is a little thing and I shall have the courage to do so if it is necessary; but to see the meaning of this life dissipated, to see our reason for existing disappear, that is what is unbearable. One cannot live without meaning.” (A. Camus)

“I was really too honest a man to be a politician and live.” (Socrates)

“What is truth but to live for an idea?… It is a question of discovering a truth for me, of finding the idea for which I am willing to live and die for.” (S. Kierkegaard)

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