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GMX Volume Six promises ‘48 hours of cool’

by Cass Teague

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Geek Media Expo (GMX), Middle Tennessee’s ‘next generation multi-fandom exposition,’ kicks off its sixth year on Friday, October 24, at the Cool Springs Conference Center in Franklin, Tenn. for a 48-hour extravaganza encompassing all things geek. GMX serves as a celebration of pop culture, including: diverse category coverage throughout the exposition with art, animation, comics, science fiction, horror, fantasy, tabletop and video gaming, costuming and props, science and technology, internet culture, genre literature and alternative histories.

This year’s event, known as GMX, Volume 6, will be hosting a spectacular mix of celebrity guests, including Lee Arenberg and Jason Burkart of ABC’s hit series Once Upon a Time; Garrett Wang of Star Trek: Voyager; Greg Grunberg of Heroes; and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, Marble Hornets; Teal Sherer of The Guild and My Gimpy Life; Gigi Edgley of Farscape and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge; Martin Klebba of Pirates of the Caribbean and Mirror, Mirror; Tanya Tate and Robert J. Schwalb; with further guest announcements pending.

In addition to celebrity guest and industry professional speakers, Geek Media Expo will also feature fan discussion panels, workshops, question and answer sessions, vendor areas, contests and more. Through GMX’s unique and interactive platform, guests are able to get up close and personal with many of the show’s guests and featured artists, setting the exposition apart from similarly situated fandom events.

The Geek Media Expo is an annual exposition and social conference relating primarily to the popular arts, sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and relevant cultural/lifestyle themes, presented as an educational and multi-media entertainment showcase. GMX and its sister production, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, offer high quality content to a wide range of genre audiences and fantoms.

GMX Vol. 6 takes place October 24-26 at the Cool Springs Conference Center and adjoining Franklin Marriott Hotel in Franklin, Tenn. Passes are $25 for a single day and only $45 for the full weekend. More information can be found at geekmediaexpo.com.

What to do at GMX — an insider’s view

 by Cass Teague

Having been to every GMX since it began in 2009, I always have a plan when I go, just like for any convention I attend. Based on a draft of the tentative schedule, here’s my plan this year:

  • Friday: 5 pm, Comedy Showcase; 6 pm, Opening Ceremonies; 7 pm, Whedon 101 (Joe Jordan);  9 pm, Tanya Tate Q&A or  Doctor Who and Torchwood; 10 pm, The Art of the Rewatch (Cass Teague—I know, right, yes I will be leading this panel; don’t miss it!); and  midnight, Burlesque off Broadway, followed by room parties.
  • Saturday: Programming starts at 10 am, but I don’t start ’til noon. Gigi Edgely question and answer or Intro to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Eric Ravenscraft); 1 pm, Greg Grunberg question and answer; 3 pm, Cosplay Contest; 4 pm, 12% of a panel (Joe Jordan—think ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’); Vendors and dinner, then 8 pm, ‘The ‘90s were All That’ (Alyssa Wheeler) or The Strong Female Character: An Examination (Megan Hines); 9 pm, Pop Culture and the Vampires who Shape it (Alyssa Wheeler); 11 pm, Geek Slam or Sci-Fi Trivia contest or Plus Size Cosplay after Dark.
  • Sunday: don’t care—I’ll be sleeping in late after partying all night.

These are by no means all of the activities going on at GMX Vol. 6, so check out the complete listing on-line at <www.whatisgmx.net> and make your own choices. Remember: times, panels, guests and activities are subject to change or cancellation. See you when you get there.

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