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The Sporting Life: Bounce TV programming edition

by Cass Teague

Judge Faith

Judge Faith

Now that Bounce TV has entered the greater Nashville area market on cable (Comcast channel 235) as well as over the air (digital channel 42.3), the Sporting Life would like to welcome the channel and share highlights of some of their cool original programming choices with readers. Here’s a look at what you can see and hear now on Bounce TV Nashville. Check local listings for dates and times.

Expert legal commentator and successful attorney Faith Jenkins embarks on the premiere season of Judge Faith for Bounce TV. She’ll be bringing her tough love and no-nonsense style of justice and analysis into her own courtroom for viewers across America.

Brkdwn is a hilarious take on entertainment gossip from today’s funniest comedians and celebrities. Each week Brkdwn delivers need-to-know-now pop culture news with a playful urban twist.

Family Time chronicles the lives of the recently relocated Stallworth family, guided by Tony (Omar Gooding), a struggling general contractor and Lisa (Angell Conwell), an unfulfilled stay-at-home mom. These high school sweethearts lovingly quarrel with each other and their mischievous children Devin and Ebony as they make up their own rules to love, marriage and family along the way. When they are not battling each other they are contending with a host of family, friends and neighbors, including Tony’s snobby older brother Todd (Chris Williams) and Lisa’s feisty sisters Rachel (Tanjareen Martin) and Lori (Paula Jai Parker), all set in the tight-knit suburban community of Windsor Hills.

Bounce TV’s all-new original sitcom One Love follows the hilarious adventures of Pastor William (Mark Curry, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper) and Carolyn Winters (Sheryl Lee Ralph, Moesha), the first family of Mt. Sinai church. Together for 30 years, they’ve led their congregation as perfect role models, but when their adult children begin to navigate relationships of their own, the laughs collide with the love.

Funnyman Rodney Perry hosts Bounce TV’s original stand up comedy show Off The Chain. Featuring some of the freshest new faces of comedy as well as some familiar names from around the country, it’s all about big laughs, gut-busting jokes and equal opportunity fun. Be prepared to stand up and fall out as each comic hits the stage.

Put a Brooklyn hipster and a rich ‘valley girl’ together in one apartment and you get My Crazy Roommate. Chloe is from LA and is high-strung, obsessive and a neat freak. Brooke hails from New York and is laid back, unsympathetic and a hot mess. When this odd couple rooms together, the sparks and the laughs start flying.

Forever Jones is a reality series following the successful gospel family group of the same name. The show catches the family at career and personal crossroads, as mainstream success has proven to be their biggest blessing and also their greatest challenge. Can faith and family lead to fame and fortune? The Jones’ family life is a beautiful struggle and they can make it through anything as long as they do it together.

Every Saturday night is Brown Sugar Saturday Night featuring the best of urban cinema with a ’70s bent, including some of the most popular African American films of all time like Shaft, Superfly, Car Wash, and Cleopatra Jones.

Bounce Beats is Bounce TV’s top 10 original countdown series of the hottest R&B and soul music videos in the country, from Beyonce and Chris Brown to Mary J. Blige and Usher.

Bounce Beats: Profiles is a new original series taking viewers backstage and behind the scenes with your favorite R&B and contemporary urban musicians for candid conversations as they discuss their lives and careers. Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Al Green, Wyclef Jean, and John Legend are featured among many others.

The Newlywed Game is back, hosted by The View’s Sherri Shepherd, and this new version is as wild and hilarious as the one you remember—but with a decidedly sassy and contemporary flavor.

Part knowledge, part nerve, and part strategy, Catch 21 is a fast-paced game show that puts an exciting new twist on a classic. Blending pop culture trivia with the tension-filled excitement of blackjack, Alfonso Ribeiro quizzes contestants while dealing from a deck of larger-than-life playing cards all for a shot at stacks of cash!

Hey, Hey, Hey! It’s Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. This blast from the past is a cherished part of African American history. Join Fat Albert, Rudy, Weird Harold, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald and the rest of the crew as they sing, laugh and turn everyday adventures into valuable life lessons.

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