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Jazzy Sensations — more than a dance club

by PRIDE Newsdesk

30 families from the Women's Mission gathered for Thanksgiving

30 families from the Women’s Mission gathered for Thanksgiving

Jazzy Sensations is a lounge and dance club that offers more than just drinks and music.

The end of the year ‘holiday season’ is normally thought to begin with Thanksgiving and go on through the Christmas and the New Year celebration.

Milton Williams, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Magic,’ and the crew at the ‘World Famous Jazzy Sensations’ take this opportunity to share in a variety of ways. This past Thanksgiving, the doors were open to a feast provided for 30 homeless women and their kids. The families had music, fellowship and an expression of love and care.

“People often hear about all the bad things that happen at clubs and never about the good things,” said one volunteer that helped to serve dinner that day.

“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done,” said Williams.

He went to the Women’s Mission and asked, “What can I do to be of service and help some of these people?”

When he received the information he needed, a friend donated a bus and the families were transported to the club. Of course, there was no liquor served and the families enjoyed the Christmas music, R&B music, and the twine, etc.

“It’s just that simple,” said Williams. “If people are in need, I’m gonna do what I can. To see them smile is more than words can say.”

For this act of kindness, Jazzy Sensations received a letter of appreciation from Carolyn Grossby, director of the Women’s Mission on 8th Ave.

Milton Williams "Mr. Magic" hosts the 5th Annual Legend's Christmas Ball on Dec. 20th

Milton Williams “Mr. Magic” hosts the 5th Annual Legend’s Christmas Ball on Dec. 20th

As the holiday season carries on into Christmas, on Saturday, December 20, the World Famous Jazzy Sensations will hold their fifth annual Nashville Legend’s Christmas Ball hosted by Mr. Magic and DJ Ice.

The Legend’s Christmas Ball is a recognition of local people in the community who are unsung heroes, business people and others that may never take the public spotlight, but have maintained their efforts for a number of years.

The 2014 honorees include: Alice McKnight, Calvin Peters, Steve Ganaway, Troy Buford, Samuel Fitzgerald ‘Super D,’ Carol Ann, Maxine White ‘Ms. Kitty,’ Jimmy Church, Fred Cowan, Nate Haddox, Courtney Pope, ‘C-Wiz’ and Darryl Moore ‘King Moses.’

Each Sunday at Jazzy Sensations the doors are open for an old school, soul food party for those who enjoy great old school music and a live band. From 6-9:30 pm, one might consider ending their weekend with a good old school mix or perhaps regard it as starting their week off (just before the Monday morning work week begins) with an old school mix.

Gino Speight & Tight Noise host Christmas Party on December 21st

Gino Speight & Tight Noise host Christmas Party on December 21st

On December 21, the Sunday following the Legend’s Christmas Ball, Gino Speight will host his Christmas Party during the ‘Old School, Soul Food Sunday Night’ with his band, Gino & Tight Noise. The doors will open at 5 pm. The $5 donation will cover Christmas dinner and live entertainment.

“My Nashville family, it’s party time for big holiday fun,” said Gino. Christmas Dinner will be served from 6:30-7:30 pm, and the band will lead the party for the rest of the night.

Jazzy Sensations is said to be the “coolest, coziest, livest entertainment spot in Nashville.” Come feel the ‘sensation. Jazzy Sensations Lounge and Dance Club is located at 1520 Hampton Street off of Trinity Lane.

For more information on Jazzy Sensations, visit the Facebook page or call 615-589-2766.

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