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Making changes going into a new year

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Like so many of our counterparts, many of us are contemplating a better year than the previous. That means making some changes, which is not always as easy to bring to fruition as initially planned. Change seems so much harder as we become older, but is an inescapable part of our existence. So if change is inevitable, it will be to everyone’s benefit to make it work for us. Whether bettering yourself by practicing better eating habits or incorporating more exercise into your life, it’s just all about getting started. For some it may be sticking to a budget or starting or finishing a project you been putting off or neglecting. It may entail going back to school or taking some courses to improve your working skills.

The main point of making New Year’s resolutions is to better one’s self. Introspectively, only you know what you need to work on. With good intentions going into the New Year, there appears to be one culprit standing in so many people’s way.

Procrastination is no one’s friend, but is practiced by so many with good intentions. How can we go forward when the culprit, procrastination, is such a weighing part of our inactivity? How can we shun this sly but indwelling impediment that often stifles or steals our dreams? One thing for sure is that one must be ever conscious of this vice and deal with it realistically. Perhaps you may want to work with others as a team to help encourage and motivate each other. You may want to prioritize your goal, making it a daily attempt if possible. However with many people’s schedule, this may not be possible. But it can be scheduled into your weekly or monthly calendar of ‘must dos.’

All too often, one may lack the ability to fulfill their yearly goals, especially as pertains to self, because of unrealistic expectations. A person is only human, and maybe one may be trying to accomplish too much in a limited amount of time until the person becomes discouraged and gives up. One should be realistic in setting attainable goals and knowing one’s limitations if they are to be successful. The stress factor becomes less of a problem as one practices continuity. Once one gets started and makes it a routine practice, it may become easier to continue until completion. Some practices should be ongoing—making one a better person internally as well as externally.

I find the best change an individual can make is to strive to be a more productive person, giving and serving the community and others to the best of their ability. Taking care of yourself so you can better serve others is a win for all. Make that commitment to give of your time, service or finances to improve your community to make this a memorable year. Fight procrastination and just start. Stay focused on a vision to make some good things happen. This is a time when activism and not acquiescing is needed to change things for the betterment of all.

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