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IRS test in Nashville helps taxpayers avoid long lines, wait times

by PRIDE Newsdesk

ATLANTA, Ga. – The IRS began testing an appointment-based service approach on February 23 in 10 of its larger Tax Assistance Centers (TACs) around the country. Since the original announcement, the test has been expanded to 34 other offices nationwide beginning March 2, including the office in Nashville. The IRS is testing the new approach to determine if it will increase efficiency during a time of severe budget cuts.

IRS believes an appointment approach could benefit taxpayers by helping them avoid long waits in line. IRS is testing this process during the tax-filing season to ensure the approach will work for taxpayers during the busiest time of the year.

“Our hope is that the test location in Nashville TN. will provide better use of our resources to help people get the assistance they need, and to avoid long lines and wait times,” said IRS Spokesperson Mark S. Green.

Taxpayers can schedule an appointment at this location by phone 615-250-5656, or by e-mail at .

“During a challenging filing season with a very limited budget, we need to find ways to increase our efficiency while still providing the best service possible to taxpayers,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “My hope is that this test increases the level of customer service that we can provide while minimizing needless burden on taxpayers.”

The IRS believes the appointments will help taxpayers by allowing them to know in advance that they can get the service they need. The first come-first served process typically in place at most IRS offices cannot guarantee when or if a taxpayer can receive assistance. This situation can force taxpayers to wait in long lines, sometimes with waits lasting over an hour.

Overall, the IRS has more than 350 walk-in locations across the nation.

Taxpayers should always check for days and hours of service as well as services offered at the location they plan to visit. For information on how to make an appointment, visit the contact my local office on .

At the test locations, taxpayer services will continue to be offered without an appointment for those picking up limited forms or making a payment, but the IRS urges taxpayers to use to get forms they need and Direct Pay to make a payment whenever possible. All other services will require an appointment.

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