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“There ain’t no party like a ‘Holy Ghost’ party!”

Late night worship service
“There ain’t no party like a ‘Holy Ghost’ party!”

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Bishop George Adebanjo

Bishop George Adebanjo

On Friday night the members, friends, visitors, and ‘Eagles’ will gather to worship.

Everyone is invited to come pray at 9 pm and remain for a worship service that is out of the ordinary. The service will be held from 10 pm until midnight.

Bishop George Adebanjo is “calling Eagles to mount up and soar—apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers.”

Attendees should expect supernatural manifestations such as the bird known as the Eagle. Bishop Adebanjo asks the question: “Are you hungry for more of God? You have been called to be an Eagle, not a chicken.”

During the year of 2015, the congregation of The Living Word has adopted a 2015 theme, ‘Looking Upward, Moving Forward!’ There will be a series of workshops, worship services and other activities that will lead the pastor by encouraging him to follow that theme. Most of the ‘ideas’ come to Bishop Adebanjo as a ‘word’ to lead God’s people in the direction that He wants. The church believes that 2015 is the year of supernatural rest. The eagle, which is unlike any other bird, represents strength, power, and closeness to God.

“The eagle’s eyesight represents supernatural eyesight. Now is the time for you to soar with eagles,” said Adebanjo.

On this particular Friday, a Five Eagles Conference that was also held at the end of February follows late night service.

For more information, contact the church at or call 615-297-7437.
The Living Word International Church under the leadership of Bishop Adebanjo is located at 5100 Wyoming Ave. in Nashville.

Adebanjo, Bishop and founder of The Living Word International Church delivers the word at their Tullahoma branch each Sunday at 6 pm.

All ‘Eagles’ are called to “mount up and soar” at 5100 Wyoming Ave. on Friday night, March 27, from 10 pm-midnight at this most authentic revival.

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