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Organizing of a church and ordination of Reverend Tomas E. Hunter, Sr.

by PRIDE Newsdesk

On March 22 at Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, Thomas E. Hunter Sr. became the Reverend Thomas E. Hunter Sr. in an ordination ceremony officiated by Pastor George T. Brooks, Sr. In attendance were family and friends, as well as founding members of his new church, Nehemiah Community Baptist Church.

During the service, Hunter had to answer questions from an ordination council in order to prove that he is qualified in character and in gifts bestowed by God for the ministry.

Pastor Brooks gave a powerful sermon, giving advice to Reverend Hunter and his new church members to be an “unusual” church in respect to giving of themselves and their time. Brooks preached how the founding members must be active in their participation and giving and that they cannot be “back seat” members.
“Historically I have always been fascinated with people who had the courage to be the first,” said Rev. Hunter

in an announcement of his ordination and new church. “I can’t think of a greater place to be than Nehemiah Community Baptist Church where we will be the first. I pray that the Lord will use all of us in this evangelistic work that will add gifts to our new body of believers.”

Reverend Hunter encourages those who might not have a relationship with God or who be looking for a great church community to be a part of to come to Nehemiah Community Baptist Church.

“We have a great work to do for the Kingdom and I know that the Lord has given us a great foundation of people with great gifts that will expand the kingdom of God all across this world.”

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