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Reflecting on my blessings

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

From time to time I feel an overwhelming desire to proclaim my blessings to others, lest I burst. I account for these blessings due to my personal relationship with my God and my chosen religion, Christianity. This is not to belittle anyone else’s choice of religion or try to encourage others to follow my choice. It is only to share the joy and happiness I attribute to loving and following what I consider to be what is right for me during my earthly visit to attain eternal salvation. I can only wish everyone could feel the same love I feel for a higher power that reminds me how much I’m loved on a daily basis.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t imagine trying to endure this mundane world without the love and guidance of my God whom I accept as a trinity composed of the father, the son, and the holy ghost dwelling in me. What more can I ask for than to have a part of my higher power dwelling within me to encourage me to make the right choices that will be pleasing to myself as well as for my fellow brothers and sisters? I find it hard to fathom how I can be worthy of a love that knows no bounds or end. The only requirement for me is to accept Jesus Christ as my savior and follow his practice, a practice of love, kindness and well being for humanity.

How can a spiritual relationship based on divine love and treatment of your fellowman with the same respect and love you desire not be right? Hate, deception, greed, and selfish motives do not fall into the divine plan I have chosen to follow. Although I am far from being perfect and fall from time to time, I am offered a hand to pull me up and the assurance my God will never leave me. Recovery through the trials and tribulations occasionally occurring in my life, serves as confirmation that it was my God’s mercy and grace that have brought me through.

Words could never come close to expressing my love for my God who allows me a loving wife, two awesome sons, loving family members and friends, my health, a beautiful home, and a job where I make a difference in influencing other lives. I know that everything I have is borrowed, on loan from God while on this worldly walk. I can only hope that I can justify God’s love for me by utilizing the gifts he has given me, while here on earth. I am happy in emulate goodness and express it to others, to show my love and appreciation for being one of his children.

I respect everyone’s right to follow his or her respective religion, and by no means am trying to judge his or her choice. I am only sharing the joy I feel especially during this Easter season. It only reminds me of the sacrifice made to eliminate what many know as death and offers eternal salvation to those who choose to follow him. For me a love so right and real can’t be wrong, so I am unapologetic and will spend the rest of my life trying to prove to be worthy.

Ironically, we live in a world where it is becoming increasingly hard to acknowledge and practice your Christian beliefs—especially since it is becoming a taboo to acknowledge your beliefs in public buildings or institutions. In some places Christians are being persecuted for their belief. Religious tolerance should be acceptable if it doesn’t advocate dehumanizing and killing others not of the same faith.

I have friends of various religions whom I personally respect and admire as good decent loving people who are ardent followers of their faith. Only extremists and fanatics selfishly manifesting unspiritual or non-divine practices adulterate religion. God is love and anything advocating anything different is not of God or divine. I feel compelled to share with others, especially those who can identify with my joy, love and appreciation for such an awesome benefactor, my personal experience with God.

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