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Kudos to 2015 Graduates

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Enough cannot be said when we can find time to honor and celebrate individuals achieving and being all they can be. This is the case during the official end of the school year when we recognize those graduating from high school, colleges and universities. This is a happy time when families and friends can partake in celebratory activities highlighting years of support for loved ones reaching a profound plateau in their lives.

In a time when we are inundated with negative news coverage, it is a blessing as well as refreshing to be able to locally, statewide and nationally recognize the promise of a better tomorrow with the accomplishments of others. Nothing can take away from the taste of success and satisfaction in the culmination of a goal. While this is truly a time of celebrating and rejoicing, it should also be a time of reflection for those graduating—looking at the past, present, and future.

The past should remind graduates of the doubts and uncertainty they may have to overcome, but remember that through believing and perseverance all things are possible. It should also remind graduates of those who had their back and whose prayers and support never wavered.

The present should remind graduates how good it feels to succeed and reach a long sought goal. It is a time to look around and truly know you are loved and appreciated. It is a time to savor the moment and use it as a gauge to measure future goals or highlights. This present time should be the fuel to help give you the momentum and desire to go further, knowing you have the ability to soar. At this time no one can tarnish your thoughts of a promising tomorrow, a rewarding future.

The future should be framed by the feeling of achievement and accomplishment you are experiencing now. You should look toward to the future with an optimistic and unrelenting desire to continue on this upward spiral. While we may not be promised tomorrow, right now is awesome and should set the tone for a positive and productive future.

My advice for high school graduates who may feel that they are grown and above counseling is to just remember what has brought them thus far. The love and support is still there, particularly from parents who may be concerned about your imminent independence in going away to college. So listen to advice from those who may be ‘ambivalent’ about the future, happy for your current status but cautious of your ability to handle your independence. It is a parent thing, so pacify them by being accommodating to lectures and advice while attending college or going on your chosen path.

I wish success for those not attending colleges after graduating, seeking to go straight to work. College or secondary education is not the wish for everyone. However personally, I feel that all graduates should attend college for at least two years if possible for the invaluable social and academic experience. The work force is highly competitive and the more education one has makes them more marketable.

Seek a vocation or career that’s rewarding. Better yet, seek one that you enjoy and makes you happy. Too often, people pursue jobs or vocations offering high salaries but are not happy with the job itself. Job satisfaction is paramount to being happy and fulfilled.

Once again, congratulations and kudos to all 2015 graduates. You deserve it. Let this time be a catalyst, reminding you of the best life has to offer, to those who persevere, believe in themselves, and dare to dream.

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