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McGruder Family Resource Center holds year-end meeting

by Wanda Clay

Yolanda Vaughn

Yolanda Vaughn facilitates the McGruder Family Resource meeting (photo by Wanda Clay).

Each year the McGruder Family Resource Center gathers for a ‘Year End Stocktaking/Action Planning Meeting.’ This year, the meeting was held on June 9, bringing participants, the community and visitors together to discuss past programs, activities and events that were held at the center throughout the year. Following the assessment of the programs and activities, suggestions were made to determine how activities can be improved, how to increase participation and if the activity should take place the upcoming year.

Before getting started, the guests enjoyed a late lunch, catered by Chipotle.

“The McGruder Family Resource Center is a place that offers a lot to the community,” said Tracye Henderson, director of the McGruder Family Resource Center. “We need more ways of informing the community of the activities that are available at the Center. Anyone is invited to come and tour the building for available office space and develop more family activities and other uses.”

Yolanda Vaughn visits each year to facilitate the annual meeting. Because the meetings are interactive, Vaughn takes notes with a marker and a tablet board so that everyone receives the information shared.

Yolanda Vaughn is a meeting and organization consultant with over a decade of experience in creating workable activities for her clients.

Vaughn leads the meetings in an interactive way because she said: “Everyone has something to contribute” to the assessment of this neighborhood organization.

“As a leader, I will only serve as a guide according to the programs that are already being done and recognizing what works well.”

At the McGruder Family Resource Center there are three core programs that serve the community: seniors, family and youth. There are a variety of programs and activities that take place during the year that offer service to these three groups.

A few of the programs for seniors include: computer classes; the Red & White Affair; and the Senior Expo. The family programs consist of items including: the annual Black History program; a Mobil Market that visits two times each month; a fitness program that includes activities held at the Northwest YMCA; and the community garden.

“The garden is very important because it is educational in learning about planting, seasons and benefits of the planted foods,” said Mr. Beach who is active in overseeing the activities of the garden. The garden was also said to be important as a resource for acquiring fresh vegetables when the Mobil Market is no longer available.

The meeting was very informative, and the group found that most of the activities should remain as they have shown great improvement over the years.

Overall, it appears that the center is in need of the following:
• marketing the many activities available
• transportation for those who may know about the programs, but have no means of getting there
• Involvement of people at the ages of 18-22 as a bridge of communication
• volunteers

The McGruder Family Resource Center is located at 2013 25th Ave. N.

For more information call 615-242-4681.

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