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Unforgettable evening with ‘The Boyz of 615’

by PRIDE Newsdesk

The Boyz Inc, pose for photo

The Boyz Inc, pose for photo

Generally when one hears the word ‘boys,’ or better yet, ‘an evening with the boys,’ many things may come to mind. No doubt one of them may be that a group of people got together with the boys for a delightful evening. That is the case with this event. However these esteemed boys go by the name: ‘The Boyz 615,’ and they are a highly credible group of educators and other valued professionals who formed a non-profit 501 (c) 3 group in Nashville to serve others. Two unique twists in their name include instead of being called ‘boys’ they legalized the name ‘Boyz’ and 615, the area code of Nashville, to make up the popular name of their group.

Vesta Whittaker

Vesta Whittaker

The recent ‘Evening with the Boyz 615’ was held at the prestigious Nashville based W.O. Smith Music School and was a fundraiser for the Boyz 615 organization.

The school is named after William Oscar Smith (1917-1991) who remains a legend in the field of music. Through hard work and perseverance, W.O. Smith earned a Ph.D.; was the professor of music at Tennessee State University; a member of the Nashville Symphony; and a noted jazz bassist. He played with the great jazz players of the time, including Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. He had a dream that by offering musical instruction to low-income families that these children could change their lives also.

The organization makes a difference year round in the lives of many in their respective communities and as a whole. Most of the members are graduates of Tennessee State University or Fisk University and have a passion for football and other sports. Both of the college’s colors play a valid part in the organization and event morale—as royal blue and white are TSU colors and blue and gold hail from Fisk.

This is good to know because their annual tailgating event held at LP Field is not just another fun-loving tailgating event. They feed countless people: homeless, unemployed, employed or really anyone who shows up wanting a good meal and a kind word.

On September 6 the group will rock their noted colors and tailgate at the John Merritt Classic. On September 7 they will host the Four Man Golf Scramble at Ted Rhodes Golf Course.

The recent ‘Evening with the Boyz’ was a semi formal, dinner buffet event hosted by comedian and master of ceremonies, Reynard Hirsch. Guests tapped their toes and danced to the beat of D.J. Peanut and a good time was had by all—always keeping sight of the goals at hand: giving back and empowering others.

For more information or to donate, contact Richard Coure at 615-715-6170, or check out their website at www.Boyz615.org.

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