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Country I love

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

This month we proudly celebrated the Fourth of July, Independence Day. Giving thanks and praise to this country is not delegated to just one day. It is a daily occurrence for many Americans, living in what they consider the greatest country in the world. While this country, the United States of America, is far from being perfect, it is a commendable paragon of a kaleidoscope of different groups living as a family. It is likened to a beautiful multicultural woven tapestry where every ethnicity is essential to the whole, contributing to its overall esthetic beauty and endurance. Thus we are exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly, knowing that at the end of the day we will prevail as a strong and united country.

Despite our differences, it is our commonalities that bind us together as a country. The beauty of this country can be seen in its proven record of Americans coming together in times of disasters and catastrophes to aid their fellow Americans despite political, economic or social differences. Our humanity as a country is relentless and profoundly admirable. No doubt generally most Americans consent through their actions that when one person hurts, we all hurt.

I would be amiss if I didn’t acknowledge that presently there exists an atmosphere of social unrest for many ethnic groups in America, especially African Americans. But we live in a country that allows it citizens to publicly voice and demonstrate against what they consider the ills and injustices of this country. One must be cognizant that many citizens voicing concerns about the shortcomings of this country don’t mean that because of their opposition, they don’t love this country. It is through bringing social iniquities and blatant discriminating disparities to the light that change can come about to make this an even better and greater country.

Acquiescing and refusing to have open dialogue about controversial issues and discriminatory practices and laws should not be frowned upon but encouraged. Sure we can spend a lot of time expounding on the negative things we see in our country, but by the same token we can spend just as must time or more elaborating on all the liberties and entitlements we enjoy as Americans. As in any family we don’t always agree with each other such as the different political parties with different views about how to go about implementing laws and policies to help navigate the direction of our country.

We are fortunate to live in a democratic country where citizens with opposing views against city, state, or federal laws and policies are not imprisoned as political prisoners. Public education is mandatory and free to our children, unlike in many countries where education is a privilege denied to females and often available to only the elite and affluent. Food is abundant and available to our citizens, while in many countries there are people starving by the thousands. We have religious freedom, although there are many Americans feeling that right is blatantly being threatened. We have freedom of speech, while again many Americans feel is being compromised by speech and writing needing to be politically correct (thus altering the real content to appease a person or party from feeling insulted or disrespected). We have opportunities that when presented and implemented offer many citizens a chance to become successful and productive.

We must realize that regardless of perceived intent, there exist many barriers and obstacles allowing many people to fall through the cracks through flawed systemic bureaucracy. However it is through righting these wrongs that our country continues to embrace the diversity that is a key instrument in making this the great country that we all can take pride in and embrace.

I can only thank my God daily for loving me enough to allow me to live in this country and inspiring in me the fortitude to make it even greater. I know I am far from being alone in my love for this country and what it can be for all. I beseech God to continue to watch over and bless America. I ask that God forgive this country for its iniquities and continue to offer us spiritual guidance.

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