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Nashville PRIDE is bringing back “Ask the Lawyer”

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Meekhal Davis

Meekhal Davis

Nashville Pride newspaper has been undergoing many changes. This time of change has allowed us to look back and revisit some things we did in the past that were very beneficial to the community.

In this endeavor, we are bringing back the column, ‘Ask the Lawyer’. Readers will have the opportunity to anonymously submit their legal questions and have them answered.

I remember one of the first questions we answered; it was from an immigrant who was caught in an abusive relationship. She was told by her husband that if she told anyone that he was hitting her, that he would have her deported. That kind of story breaks your heart, but it also gives us hope. The hope of knowing that she had the courage to take advantage of the opportunity to help herself, and the hope that by providing that opportunity we were not only able to help her, but many others in similar situations.

Attorney Rachel Thomas has been gracious enough to devote her time to help answer your questions about legal issues that you may have.

Rachel owns and runs the Law Office of Rachel Thomas PLC, located at 114 30th Avenue South, where she focuses on representing persons accused of committing crimes as well as those dealing with family law issues (divorce or child support/custody). You can find additional legal information on Rachel’s website’s News/Blog page (www. rachelthomaslaw.com). Her contact information is rachelthomas@rachelthomaslaw.com or (615) 645-9596.

This week, readers will have the opportunity to read about Rachel, and see that she is a special person who works tirelessly to seek justice for her clients, and help the community.

Please remember that the purpose of the column is to help provide information, not legal advice. We encourage you to seek legal advice from your attorney. If you don’t currently have one, we may know someone that we can recommend (wink).

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