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What God will do for others, God will do for you

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

Dr. Robin H. Kimbrough

One of the most frustrating feelings that we could have is when we have done a favor for someone, but then they do not return the favor. Have you ever provided a ride for someone, and then that same person would not extend the same kindness? Have you loaned someone money, and they did not bother to give you any money when you were in need? It happens. We find that often people do not share the same kindness, which they are extended. Although we may encounter this situation with people, we will never encounter it with God. The truth is that what God does for others, God will do for us. Just like God is active in the lives of our neighbors, God is active in our lives.

In a world that is filled with all sorts of evil, and our lives confronted with problems, we have to know that God is still working, moving, and very active. Sometimes we witness God’s activity in the lives of others, but as we look over the state of our situations, we start to think that God has taken a break. As God is blessing others it should not discourage us. It should make us rejoice, because that means that God can do the same thing for us. God does not discriminate. God is interested in showing everyone his love and grace. Do you remember when Peter and his brother were on a fishing expedition, and they did not catch any fish? Then Jesus advises them to cast their nets once again. They did so, and to their surprise, they caught many fish (Luke 5:4). This is what happens when we are willing to participate in our own blessings.

God requires us to step out on faith to see what God can do in our lives. We cannot complain that someone else is making progress, and we are not if we are unwilling to do what God has told us to do. God’s activity does not mean that we should be inactive. We are participants in our own blessings. We have heard people praying for a new job or to get promoted on a job, but there are steps that we must take to make this happen—like opening up a newspaper, searching online, or coming to work on time. God often wants us to take at least one step in actualizing the blessings on our lives. The truth is if we take one step, God will do the rest. What God will do for others, God will do for you.

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