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‘Beauty Behind Bars’ movement kicks off July 18 in Nashville

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Beauty behind bars group

Beauty behind bars group

‘Beauty Behind Bars’ was created by Tiffany Love, who is also the founder/CEO of ‘Once in a Wifetime.’ ‘Beauty Behind Bars,’ operates under the ‘Once in a Wifetime’ umbrella and is a key avenue helping women and girls break away from various modes of mental incarceration. Self-imprisonment, low self esteem, domestic violence, doubt, suicide and other forms of ‘dream-killing’ are associated with or arise from ‘shallow mindsets.’

A recent television filming for their national infomercial took place at the South Nashville-based Claiborne Family of Faith Worship Center, which included all nine of the dynamic speakers for the Nashville launch event. Senior pastor, Rev. Judy A. Johnson, headlines the lineup. All of the speakers have real life, captivating, even mind boggling stories to tell. These dynamic women have been blessed to overcome some really horrific stuff and are now helping other women and families to do the same. They hail from uniquely different backgrounds, places and socio-economic or educational standards. Today they are enhancing lives with their ministries, nonprofit and business entities.

Both the July 18 ‘Beauty Behind Bars’ workshop and the upcoming television infomercial have built in audiences. In addition to Rev. Judy, the other speakers include: Tanya, Jelly, Anne, Margo, Taomi, Nieche, Cheryl and Clemmie. There are never enough people to hear these clear messages of hope. Each of them will share a different story but one possibly, no more important or engaging than the other. They all matter and can make a variable different in someone’s life.

Tiffany Love, the speakers and her team invite the public to join her for a day of community empowerment beginning with ‘Beauty Behind Bars’ at 10 am, CST. It takes place on July 18 at Vanderbilt University Student Life Center located at 310 25th Avenue South. The ‘Beauty Behind Bars’ event lasts from 10 am–3 pm. Concurrent and immediately following that segment of the daylong event is the Tennessee ‘Man Up Against Bullying’ rally from 2-6 pm. Then there’s the ‘Miss. Unite Beauty Pageant’ from 7-10 pm.

The entire ‘Once in a Wifetime’ movement has already began the national tour push and will be going from city to city, state to state. Rumor has it there is even international interest. Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Pre-registration is encouraged. To register call 615-746-7779 or visit www.Onceinawifetime.com


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